Hi, everyone! So, my boyfriend (ISTJ) and I (ENFP) were arguing over who has cooler people that share MBTI types with us. He told me that George Washington, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Stonewall Jackson are cooler people to share a type with than Walt Disney and Ellen DeGeneres (silly, huh? )

Then I told him that I was pretty positive the Despicable Me minions were ENFP and that I win by default because of that, and he told me that they're definitely not. But I really think they are, right? Maybe ESFP, but I just see so much Ne in there.

So, my actual question (sorry I stalled so much) is: typing the Despicable Me characters?

My guesses (don't laugh at me if I'm wrong; nobody's worse at typing than I am):

Margot: ISxJ
Edith: ENTP
Agnes: ENFP
Minions: ENFP
Lucy: ENFP

Sorry. I'm either biased or really shitty at typing.