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    Default panic! at the disco

    Here's one video

    YouTube - Presents: Panic! at the Disco

    the band are sitting in this order:
    Spencer Jon
    Ryan Brendon

    the guesses i have so far are ryan: INFJ, brendon: ENxP jon: INFP spencer: ISTP

    i actually don't have much experience with typing people so if anyone's bored i'd appreciate it greatly if you'd help me out. (:

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    Haha because I actually love PATD I'll help you guess, though I'm not experienced in typing either...

    Best guesses:

    Ryan: INFP (broody, moody; writes most lyrics, reads a lot; kind of obsessed with this 'fairytale' type thing)

    Brendon: ESFP (ADHD, natural performer, bubbly; picks up tunes and stuff really easily)

    Jon: ISFP? (I dunno, what type makes a Myspace page for his cat? I think he's hilarious though, he could be an N.)

    Spencer: ISTP?

    It could help to read these, though most of them are Jon's
    PATD Online [dot] COM | Panic At The Disco Online

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