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I actually agree with you. I think ESFP (or ESFp at least) is more likely to be impetuous and sometimes even get themselves in trouble for seeking revenge while still hotly angry, while an NTJ might be much more likely to plot out something coldly over a period of months or years, like revenge being a dish best served cold.

I always think of that Edgar Allan Poe story, the cask of amontillado, where the narrator is so angry about something that happened years ago and lures an unsuspecting (probably ESFP) down a flight of stairs, promising his favorite wine, then walls him up slowly and listens to his screams as he dies.

That shit is evil, man. That is pure evil right there. The ESFP probably doesn't even remember what he did to piss off the INTJ so much.

That story creeps me the eff out.
Yeah, I read that book too. I also believe that guy was INTJ as well.