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Thread: Kyle XY

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    Default Kyle XY

    I know not everyone watches this show, but wanna help try and type the characters?

    Kyle: INFJ or INFP

    Jessi: ESTP

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    Okay, I'm going to resurrect this thread. Only because with the season premiere lurking on the horizon, I'd like to type these people.

    I'd have to agree that Kyle is an INFJ, which makes Adam Baylin an INFJ, also.

    My guess for Amanda is ISFJ.

    Declan, ESTP. Which, I'd have to agree that Jessi might be ESTP also.

    Tom Foss seemed like an ENTP, possible ENTJ.

    Andy, my guess for her is INTP. She seems like an off the wall fun loving introvert, which seems like NP territory. Would that make Josh an INTP, also?

    Hillary is so an ESFP.

    Lori....hum...I'll have to think about that.

    I'm wondering if Stephen is ESTJ and Nicole ESFJ.

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