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    Post Song of Roland/Orlando Furioso characters

    OK, this is maybe not so much popular culture, but there's a King Arthur thread on here, so I'm going to put this on.

    Here are my guesses for characters in the overall charlemagne mythology, including Song of Roland, Orlando Furioso, etc:

    Orlando/Roland: INFP. I have no idea about his enneagram type though.
    Charlemagne: ENFP 3w4
    Ganolen: INTJ 2w1
    Oliver: ESTJ 1
    Rinaldo/Renaud: ENFJ 8
    Angelica: INFP 2 (at least in Orlando Innamorato. In Furioso she seems more INTJ 6w5)
    Bradamante: ISFP 6
    Ruggiero: ENTP 2w3
    Marfisa: ISTP 3w4(though maybe 8?)
    Astolfo: ENFP 7w8
    Ferragut/Ferragus/Ferrau: ESFP 8
    Milo/Milone/Miles d'Anglante (Orlando's father): ESFP 4w3
    Girart de Vienne: ISFJ 6
    Ranier(Oliver's father): ESTJ 8
    Ogier the Dane: ISFP
    Galerana/Galeana: INFP 2
    Maugis/Malagise: INFJ 5

    This stuff really isn't very well known nowadays, so probably no-one will have a clue what I'm on about. Oh, well..

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    I actually have heard of it, but i have yet to getting around to reading it.
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    What you on about?

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