I saw the conservative New York Times columnist in an interview recently and he seems pretty INTP-ish. He has that aloofness (Ti-dom) but also reflects the emotions of other people (inferior Fe).

He updates his NYT blog pretty infrequently (P) at least compared to an INTJ like Krugman who does so multiple times a day.

But the giveaway seems to be his desire for information even if it comes from non-establishment or fringe-y sources. As he says in a column:

And don’t be afraid to lend an ear to voices that seem monomaniacal or self-marginalizing, offensive or extreme. There are plenty of writers on the Internet who are too naïve or radical or bigoted to entrust with any kind of power, but who nonetheless might offer an insight that you wouldn’t find in the more respectable quarters of the press.
That's pretty uncharacteristic from a columnist of the paper of record.