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    OK; thanks.
    Well, again, everyone, I'm looking at Stevie when he was in his early 20's, and producing his first albums outside of Motown's control. He did seem very IT'ish. Not just the way he looked in pictures from then, but also his lyrics. Very "deep" and Thinking like.
    Then, at 23, had had the near fatal accident, which completely affected his outlook on life, and the birth of his first child 43 years later. So then, he became the way we think of him today. (Showing much more "feeling"). But I get the feeling that that's largely on the surface. Probably the influence of the SP temperament. So the issue is basically the Interaction Style. In Charge (ENFJ) I don't think so. But on the other hand, that's what Oprah's supposed to be, and on the surface, there might be a similarity.

    Laser, just curious; why would you go with ENTJ over ESTJ? Wouldn't both be the way you describe? (though now that I think of it; the book title might not be what you'd expect from an SJ).

    Emeril? Now I'd say he was probably ENTJ!
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    Stevie Wonder? ISFP. Tender, down-to-earth, lovey-dovey.

    Emeril looks like an ESFP.

    Edit: This has got me investigating AC/DC members past and present via interviews on YouTube. Bon Scott, clear xSFP; Brian Johnson, ISTP.

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