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    Default The Entire Cast of House

    This is all subject to change... as I learn new things I will incorporate them. My opinion on House is different than what I hear most say.

    I have now added as my newest post to my blog the entire cast... 9 in all.

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    Dr. Wilson, I'd say ENFJ, or possibly INFJ. He always seems to know what's plaguing House, and gets most of the motivations behind his actions correct, regardless of whether or not House admits it. I'm thinking ENFJ more because, while he does get these insights into House's behaviour, he's more concerned with his emotional state involving his relationships with others (dom-Fe), and his hunches about House are revealed to support those initial concerns. I'll admit that Si is where my understanding of the functions fall short, but he's always come across as intuitive to me.

    Cameron I think has too much Fe to not be using it. Also, she seems very methodical, clean and organized, which leads me to believe that she as well is an ENFJ.

    Taub I like as an ENTP. Thirteen, well it's hard to tell. ISXP, though whatever the X is the other one is almost equally developped. I'd think ISFP if only because a lot of her actions seem to have an emotional root. For Chase, I believe ISFP seems more likely than ESFP, because regardless of how he behaves interpersonally, he seems really secretive, though he did have a crappy childhood growing up so that could've made an ESFP behave more like an ISFP. House I like as an ENTP, though more interpersonally awkward due to his crappy childhood as well. Foreman I like as an ISTJ.
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