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Thread: Aeon Flux?

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    Default Aeon Flux?

    So, as someone who can't type others well at all, I'm curious if anyone here who's watched the Aeon Flux cartoons would take a stab at typing Trevor Goodchild and Aeon Flux.

    They're two characters whose actions and motivations (and interactions) are really interesting, but they also represent really big philosophical ideas, so it makes sense to me if their being more like anthropomorphised concepts is a barrier to typing them. Or, for all I know, maybe they're caricaturey enough to make stereotype-typing very easy.

    I am exceedingly curious, if anyone would like to try. Make my day?
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    Reviving an old thread...

    I haven't watched the cartoon but cartoon Trevor looks like ENFx and Aeon as ISTP.

    I am also curious about their types in the movie if anyone still remembers.

    Aeon - ISTP

    Trevor Goodchild - ENFJ

    Oren Goodchild - ISTJ

    Rebel group - xxFPs

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