H.P. Lovecraft INTJ 5. Hard to imagine anyone familiar with the Providence Master’s work and bio disputing this.

Robert Crumb INTP 5. Another no-brainer it would seem.

Charles Addams INFP. There’s a warm affection underlying his cheerfully macabre comics, and even in his expression and eyes, that suggests more F than T; he’s definitely not as cynical as Crumb.

Charles Fort INTJ 5. This connoisseur of anomalies and challenger of the what he called the “scientific priestcraft” of his time was obviously under a heavy N influence, probably well-developed in both Ni and Ne functions, with an exceptional Si function, too. N can’t do it alone. Any geek worth his or her salt needs a decent Si function to back it up. Otherwise you have the kind of speed-reading Ns who can’t tell you jack about what they’ve read. Fort's a prime example of someone with high usage of both N and Si functions.