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Thread: Vehicles

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    Quote Originally Posted by cafe View Post
    My INFJ co-worker drives something very similar to that. It's even the same color.

    I drive a silver Chevy Malibu, do I fit my stereotype?

    What the hell type drives those cars that look like boxes on wheels (Scions?.) You'd never catch me dead or alive in one of those.

    On my way home from San Antonio today, I got stuck behind this dude driving this tiny funny looking yellow car. My guess is an NT who's thinking "F you all, this car runs on chopped celery, I'm not paying your gas prices mwuhahaahhahah!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelric View Post
    PM, I have just the car for you! A mining truck:

    Probably doesn't do so well on the gas mileage, and might not be cozy and intimate, but for picking on smaller, weaker cars?


    Sweet Jebus, Kelric...

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    I love tanks. Tanks are great. I did my military service as NCO of one of them, actually.
    The swedish "(Infantry) Fighting Vehicle 90".
    Gotta love something that can do 60 km/h
    through almost any terrain

    We've got a bigger and more mean tank, ofc. The Leopard II A5.
    They kind of serve different roles and should not be compared.
    The IFV 90 is my favourite though, because of it's speed and versatility.
    But you should take a peek at the Leopard II aswell.
    The Leo II is considered the best MBT (Main Battle Tank) in the world.
    The Israeli Mirkevah (or however it's spelled)
    works better in desert environemts, though.
    Here it is anyway(!):

    Mightier than the tread of marching armies is the power of an idea whose time has come

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