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    Default Katekyo Hitman Reborn

    Has anyone read/ watched this?

    Reborn - ENTJ
    Tsuna - ISFP
    Gokudera - ENTJ
    Yamamoto - ISFP
    Ryohei - ESTP

    Kyoko - ISFJ
    Haru - ESTP
    I-Pin - INFx
    Lambo - ESFP
    Maman - ESFP
    Basil - INFP

    Hibari - INTJ

    Mukuro - ENTP
    Chrome - INFP
    Ken - ESTP
    Chikusa - ISTx

    Dino - ENxP
    Romario - INFJ

    Futa - INFJ
    Bianchi - INFJ

    Byakuran - ENTx
    Spanner - INTP
    Shouichi - INFP

    Enma - INFP
    Adelheid - ISTJ

    Xanxus - ENTJ
    Squalo - ESTJ
    Belphegor - xSTP

    ... There are too many characters in this. Any thoughts on the types above?

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    Ill have to go watch this first.
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    This is an old forum...I hope someone reads this.

    There are a few I agree with, however I do have a few different ideas on typology for some characters.
    The ones I agree with are:
    • Reborn-ENTJ
    • Ryouhei-ESTP
    • Young Lambo-ESFP
    • Chikusa-ISTJ
    • Ken-ESTP
    • Futa-INFJ
    • Byakuran-ENTP
    • Spanner-INTP
    • Squalo-ESTJ
    • Belphegor-xSTP (deranged crazy is a bit too difficult to entirely pinpoint)

    The ones I have a differing view upon are:
    • Tsuna-INFP
      While I understand the reasoning to type him as an ISFP, there are keys hinting towards a more intuitive personality for Tsuna. After all, intuition is one of the greatest skills bestowed upon the Vongola family bosses.
    • Gokudera-IXXJ
      It is difficult to see Gokudera as an extrovert. Throughout the entire series, it shows his lack of need for social interaction. He even goes so far as to avoid people or shout at them to go away. Also, I find it difficult to pinpoint him as an SF, NF, or NT. ST seems out of proportion due to his ability to give off more of a childish anger instead of a calculated one (and NT's can give such an attitude when in a bad mood).
    • Yamamoto-ENFP
      This one, I apologize, but I disagree with most. Yamamoto is such an extrovert that it hurts. He is very social, and he loves to work with a sports team and be the leader. His fighting skills also reveal an intuitive personality, like Goku from Dragon Ball Z (who is also an ENFP).
    • Kyoko-ESFJ
      I personally contemplated on this for a long time for if she was an ISFJ or ESFJ. However, I have come to the conclusion that she is an ESFJ after reading descriptions of both--
      ESFJ "Strongly value harmony and security and tend to avoid conflict. They are warm-hearted, popular, and interested in serving others. Sociable and great team players, they are concerned with practical matters and connecting with people.
      ISFJ "Always willing to lend a hand. Altruistic, empathetic, and self-sacrificing. Usually patient, good with their hands, and hard workers. They are observant and curious, as well as sensitive and friendly. They don't mind working behind the scenes without recognition."
      They state in the first episode that Kyoko is a popular girl in school, and appears as a warm individual. However, Reborn also shows her and Haru their lack of empathy in the future arc when they go on strike. Also, she does not come off as the type to be "observant". She took forever to put two and two together, after all.
    • Haru-ExFP
      Haru is a lover of all things creative, but she often goes to the case of being insane in an emotional tendency. She goes so far as to crazily stalk for love, and she can be melodramatic. These personality attributes shout more of a "feeler" than a "thinker".
    • Mukuro-INTJ
      Mukuro reminds me much of Lelouch (an INTJ) from Code Geass. Analytical, cocky, arrogant, and is willing to withstand people so long as he can use them. He can be manipulative, and he is proud when his expectations of his followers are met. Despite what some may believe, some INTJs also do have a soft side, as seen when he talks to Chrome. While it is never concrete on if he does it as a matter of manipulation or compassion, it can be safe to say it is a bit of both.
    • Chrome-ISFJ
      If you have come this far, then you have read the ISFJ description. Her introversion is high, as well as her feeling. However, her judging is more dominant than any perceiving characteristic. While ISFPs avoid conflict on a high basis (as noted from personal experiences with ISFPs both healthy and unhealthy), ISFJs are more willing to help (even if they are also not fans of conflicts). She develops a strong ability to stand up for her friends and is willing to become independent from Mukuro so she could protect him. In addition, from personal experience with INTJs and ENTJs, INTJs can be more sly and stealthy, while ENTJs sometimes too blatantly state their motives.
    • Dino-ENFJ
      Very evidently a feeler. He is much like Tsuna in some ways, but he also shows more order and coordination in his mental process--so he does not come off as much of an ENFP. I have also seen him typed as an ENFJ in other sites.
    • Hibari-INTP
      INTJs and INTPs have similar minds. However, if possible, INTPs will be incredibly lazy. They will be fierce when the time calls for it, but aside from that they enjoy sleep and relaxation (being friends with two and related to another, it seems like they always talk about desire more sleep and relaxation). Hibari is usually seen sleeping or having a lazy appearance to him. Also, his relationship with Mukuro shows he is the obvious underling that believes he is closer to beating the INTJ than they actually are.
    • Shoichi-INFJ
      INFJs are also master manipulators, next to INTJs. They can create a facade and live it well, if need be. However, if their facade goes against their inner emotions, it can hit them on a physical matter if it is not emotionally expressed. Remember when Shoichi kept on having stomach aches? And how it seemed to have stopped when he no longer had to play as a bad guy? INFP's are similar, but they are "more laid back and relaxed", which is never an emotion given off by Shoichi. He seems to be more uptight and anxious.
    • Xanxus-INXJ
      Hard to entirely type. His motives come from a dark emotion of anger, but it can also mean he feels enraged by the actions committed by his adopted father that inconveniences him. There are many ways to take on that argument. However, he does come off as an introvert. He is constantly feeling suffocated in a sea of colleagues, which is why he would fight alone and be alone whenever he gets the chance. He also acts violently due to his lack of mental energy, feeling personally drained (though there's always that chance that he's just a huge...jerk)

    Feel free to argue against my reasons, as it is definitely required for me. Some types you put down I did not discuss due to not having enough current reflection on the particular character or not reading the manga. I will list down other character that were not listed, as well.

    • Adult Lambo-ISXP (as he was not entirely a developed individual when he was a five year old child, it was bound for him to change his personality at least a little)
    • Skull-ESFP
    • Gamma-ENFP
    • Genkishi-IXTJ
    • Lussuria-ESFX
    • Fran (or Flan)-INTP
    • Colonnello-ESTJ
    • Daemon Spade-INTJ
    • Yumi-ISFJ
    • Verde-INTJ
    • Luce-EXFJ
    • Aria-ENFJ
    • Asari-EXFJ
    • Giotto-ENFJ
    • Nana-ENFP
    • Lampo-ISXP
    • Lal Mirch-INTP
    • Fon-INXX
    • Mammon (or Viper)-INTJ
    • Alaude-IXTJ
    • Knuckle-ENFX
    • G-ISFJ
    • Iemitsu-ESXJ
    • Hana-ENFJ
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