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    Quote Originally Posted by comicsgurl View Post
    There are probably a lot more than you think - I think it's best not to judge all ESTPs as simply "doing" folks who can't write. I'm sure many write, and do (think of all the business and self-help books out on the market). And co-writing? Co-writing is one of the easiest things you can do, depending on who the (famous) person is. It's all about ideas, baby! Shatner might dictate his ideas, or he might scribble down a few notes of what he'd like to see. Then a writer writes what Shatner wants. Shatner reads it over, makes adjustments and edits, and voila - he "co-wrote" a book. I doubt he has the time to sit down and just write a book, with all his acting and commercial deals.

    Not nagging on you, though - I love me some Shatner, and I'm a Trekker from way back. But co-writing a book shouldn't be a determining factor of whether someone is a Sensor or an iNtuitive. In the real world there are several ways to co-write something, and any type can co-write.

    And truthfully, Shatner might have some very strong intuitive processes. But is intuitive his default? I don't think so. I think he can draw on his intuition when he acts and I think he can draw upon it in different circumstances, but I don't think it's who he truly is.
    Agreed. SPs should and can make great authors.

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    The biggest indicator for Kirk being ENTP is his move to reprogram the Academy computers (The Kobayashi Maru, mentioned in Wrath of Khan) so that he was the first cadet to NOT have the Klingons destroy his ship. That's the Ne "there is always an out" that so marks the careers of ENTPs. Never tell them something can't be done.

    ESTPs are also ingeneous, but it is usually with the materials right in front of them--not that they couldn't reprogram computers but usually their solutions are more in-the-moment. I've been married to one for 27 years and he can solve any immediate problem with a length of rope, two bobby pins and a match, but the Kobayashi would be faced by him as a depressing have-to and what-can-I-learn-from-it, not something to beat.

    There are tons of fabulous S authors out there--an example would be Laura Ingalls Wilder, since you can just about make cheese after reading Little House on the Prairie. Usually their imagination kicks in from reality as opposed to from warp drives and Prime Directives.

    INFJ and a Trekkie from the beginning...

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    Quote Originally Posted by scarecrow View Post
    shatner & kirk r both entp.
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    ENTP seemed rather strange typing for him. He always seemed like the archetypal SP to me. Going first into recon missions, hands-on, battling .. ok , granted, it's not strange behavior for an ENTP at all. ESTP that I know do study and spend time alone learning from books and other sources much like me. ENTP like experiencing most of everything from first person perspective.

    Sadly, I don't know many ENTP friends.. or perhaps, maybe many of my numerous ESTP friends are actually ENTP?

    Kirk does invent interesting theories every now and then, very true. I think that makes it possible to type him as an ENTP, tho ESTP seems almost as likely choice.. to the point I can't say anythign with certainty.

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    I'd say ExTP for Kirk... definately. It's interestingly balanced out by an ESFx for McCoy and an ISTJ for Spock.
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    Composite! I win. ESTP personality, ENTP job performance.

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    "There are currently 2 users browsing this thread. (1 members and 1 guests)"

    Interesting. Usually on these old threads there aren't any guests lurking around.

    Captain Kirk is an ENTJ personality type. The OP thinks ENTP, and all over the internet I've seen him typed as ENFP. But ENTJ is Kirk's type. This can be difficult to detect because Shatner is a Feeling type.
    "Everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth." Mike Tyson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mal12345 View Post

    Captain Kirk is an ENTJ personality type. The OP thinks ENTP, and all over the internet I've seen him typed as ENFP. But ENTJ is Kirk's type. This can be difficult to detect because Shatner is a Feeling type.
    I can see ENTJ, especially in TOS and reboot films. I see Kirk and Spock as the classic ENTJ/INTJ patnership. King Arthur needs a Merlin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carpe Vinum View Post
    I can see ENTJ, especially in TOS and reboot films. I see Kirk and Spock as the classic ENTJ/INTJ patnership. King Arthur needs a Merlin.
    "You. You can't even break rules, how would you be expected to break bone?" - Khan, to Spock (Khan = INTJ)

    Spock is seemingly always ISTJ

    Kirk on the other hand .. reckless, impulsive, yet clever. On the fence but I have a hard time seeing him ENTJ. Some elaboration is required.
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    Has anyone actually watched the show? I don't understand where the "shoot first, ask questions later" thing comes from. Sure, compared to Picard and Sisko, he might come across as more impulsive and brash, but generally he tends to show great restraint and is a pretty good tactician. He's not as long term thinking as Picard, but there's still some thought and strategy to his moves, even when acting on the fly. He's a good improviser when he needs to be, however (something I think was more of a weak spot for Picard, who had good improvisers like Geordi working under him).

    His finger is always on the trigger, but he shoots as a last resort.

    If any Captain was "shoot first" it was Jonathan Archer.

    Good example: The Corbomite Maneuver. It's that navigator Lieutenant dude who is wanting to blast blast Balok's ship, while Kirk is cool as a cucumber and treats it like a Poker game--a master at bluffing when outgunned.

    He has plenty of opportunities to kill and ask questions later, i.e. fight with the Gorn in Arena. He refuses to kill the Gorn captain, which shows someone thinking about the potential ramifications--hardly characteristic of a "shoot first" mentality. While partly due to being an honorable guy who refuses to kill an unarmed and injured opponent, it also might be Kirk thinking about the potential diplomatic blunder...letting the Gorn live paved the way for potential negotiations and truce with the Gorns. Killing him would likely lead to escalation in conflict and I think Kirk knew this.

    Granted, part of his restraint I think comes from having two really great advisors--Spock as the voice of cool and calm logic, and McCoy as the moral center. Both seem to temper Kirk and help him see the bigger picture.

    Does he take risks? Sure. But highly calculated risks, i.e. travelling into the past to harvest humpback whales from 20th century Earth.

    Another good example is Star Trek II, when if anything, Kirk's refusal to "shoot first" is what gets them into trouble in their first battle with the USS Reliant. Notice how he continues to analyze and ponder why Reliant is not responding to hails, and even refuses to raise shields when quoted standard procedures by Saavik.

    Not to mention how whenever he has to deal with an "evil computer," he usually out-logics them and causes them to malfunction.

    I think he's a Perceiver, but I have never been 100% convinced on ESTP.
    "our preferences do not determine what's true." -Sagan

    "I know you just want to know more, the problem is that people think their box of answers is perfect for everyone else." -Forever

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