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I do remember having watched this show when I was younger...yet to say *totally love*....that would not necessarily describe my feelings for the series. I mean, I think I was somewhat interested merely because it was a show about 'another little girl'...but other than that I think I was fairly 'take-it-or-leave-it' with regards to Michael Landon's 'heavy on the Christianity/miracles' version of this tale.

The actual books though...I was crazy for those ('totally loved'). I think I read the entire collection 2 or 3 times maybe (?) when I was around 8 - 10yo. <--- And then recently...I read a couple of these books again just to see what I would remember/what I would think of them...

And what struck me the most this last time was..."Holy shit Pa was an EP e7!!!" Or I should say...Laura Ingalls Wilder's account of her father...however accurate or idealized or altered...the Pa from the books was a total EP e7...(I believe ESTP). I guess I was just surprised by this realization because as I child...I wasn't necessarily 'relating' to Pa...but now...it's now clear to me Pa & I have some 'similiar issues' haha.

Also from the books...Ma seems like a classic ISTJ...and Laura herself ESFP...but I didn't put a great deal of thought into typing the characters. Just tripped-out on Pa.
I agree about Pa. I am going on the books, not the TV show because I have been reading and re-reading the books for years. (though I did watch the TV show in my childhood). I think he is an EP e7 too. He just can't sit still and wants to always see new places. He puts up with Caroline's nagging pretty well too.

Laura in the books I am convinced after years of pondering it: INFP. Sometimes she can be very Ti in her descriptions, so maybe even INTP. She is definitely an introvert who uses Ti/Fi.