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    Default The Homeless Billionaire

    Okay, perhaps a bit misleading because this guy isn't wandering the slums of a major city with a shopping cart, but he doesn't own a home and only stays in hotels, all his possessions fit into one paper bag, spends hundreds of millions trying to improve global governance, and spends tens of millions buying expensive pieces of art that he then donates to museums around the world. He admits to feeling bored of making money from his business ventures. All in all an interesting sounding cat.

    What do you guys think of him/his type?
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    If I were to make a wild guess I would probably guess ENFP as his way of living seems very Fi to me. He is resistant to the societal standard to how a billionaire/rich man should act and spend their money and seems to sympathise with the underdog and perhaps possesses an egalitarian streak (in regards to donating to museums where the public can enjoy the works rather than just the "rich elite.") In the photos he seems to be off a little bit in la la land, at least in my opinion.

    It would depend how exactly he became a billionaire. If he had Ne and a well developed tertiary Te I could see him doing well.

    But I'm assessing with little evidence so there may be much more to it.

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