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Thread: Outback Zack?

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    Default Outback Zack?

    i'm thinking 5 with a heavy 4-wing, INT...J? 3 fix and maybe an 8 fix, def not a 9 fix

    i'm thinking he's a 5 that's done some heavy personal work in an attempt to be more outgoing/extroverted. I'm seeing a lot of myself in him, so this is what i'm guessing. he's def a lot more 4 than me though, not as much 6, and imma go ahead and guess SX-last for him.

    Enneagram: Type 5, Dual Wing, SX/SP Instinct, Tritype 5-3w2-9w8

    Like a Baws

    Introverted (I) 57.14% Extroverted (E) 42.86%
    Intuitive (N) 63.16% Sensing (S) 36.84%
    Thinking (T) 70.37% Feeling (F) 29.63%
    Perceiving (P) 56.61% Judging (J) 43.39%

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    Based on a couple of seconds watching that vid you linked, I guessed e7 for him, probably 7w8.


    Reminds me of this guy appearance wise - - whom I've seen typed as e5 somewhere.

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