I am wondering how Kaley Cuoco does when she is off the set of the Big Bang Theory?
I mean she seems ISTP off of the show. On the show, the writers want her to play the
ESFP or ESTP. Obviously she mastered the art of playing an Extrovert. A messy
(disorganized), not so bright bulb (ESFPs like Joey Tribbiani from Friends ; even
though she does not look like him). I do not think she could be a real life ESFP or
ESTP. Even though, that is what it seems the writers want her to be: ESFP.

I mean they got most of the characters right on as far as their real world lives and on-screen roles:

Leonard: INTP w/HSP traits
Sheldon: INTJ w/HSP and asperger's syndrome
RAJ: INFP w/ some HSP traits (I am disappointed, most INFPs are deeply more sensitive)
Priya: INFP w/ some HSP traits (I am disappointed, most INFPs are deeply more sensitive)
Amy: INTJ w/ NO HSP traits
Leslie: INTJ w/ HSP traits
Stewart: INTP w/ HSP traits

They made Penny ESFP or ESTP (though she seems ISTP in real life)
They tried making Wolowitz: ENTP (though he seems very ESFJ in real life)
They made Bernadette an: ISFJ (though she seems INFP in real life)

I am deeply saddened that the writers wrote the INFPs into the show without ALL of the
bubbly feeling/emotional/HSP traits that most INFPs are known for. Here is a VIDEO where
you get to see a REAL INFP with strong HSP traits (the FEMALE is the INFP w/ strong HSP,
the guy is Geek Chris Pirillo who is an ENTP). Watch the female closely, this is what Priya
(INFP) should be in the Big Bang Theory show. This ENTP geek is so lucky to have an INFP
like this:


(They almost got it right. But ALL of the INFPs I know are super SENSITIVE types. Very loving)
Priya is INFP, but not in tune with her true INFPness.