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    Quote Originally Posted by simulatedworld View Post
    Oberyn is the most ESFP motherfucker on that show. If you can't see this guy bleeding SeFi all over every scene he's in, you're just not paying attention. It's just silly.

    You people's typings are...not very good. Sorry.

    Baelish and Arya are poster children for INTJ. Watch the way they absorb the implications of their situations until they become self-perception, then strategically manipulate it for maximal personal gain.

    I mean, Baelish is basically Nietzschean philosophy personified. What planet are you people typing from where you get ENTP? Are you serious?

    Yes, thankfully *someone* is paying attention!

    Also commonly mistyped is Tywin Lannister, another brilliant ISTJ that the entire internet assumes has to be INTJ because he's smart and Ss are dumb or whatever.

    More problems with you people's typings:

    --Tyrion (INTP) doesn't turn into an extrovert just because his circumstances have forced him to become socially competent to survive. His principles are Kantian Ti to the core and they're clearly his main priority. (He just drinks and screws around a lot because he's depressed, obviously.)

    --Jaime (ENTP) doesn't become an S just because he's good at physical combat with swords. He was trained from birth and had natural talent and money and resources behind him; that doesn't make him ESTP.

    --Robb Stark is not an ESTJ. You're correctly reading Te and Ne, but you got them in the wrong order--he's a young and naive ENFP, and his story arc is largely about how young, naive idealism doesn't actually win in a harsh, brutal world. (For comparison, Stannis Baratheon is an actual ESTJ. Robb is much more similar to fellow ENFP Renley Baratheon--note that blind idealism helped lead both to losing wars.)

    --A bunch of you are getting Ned and Catelyn backwards because you don't realize Si+Fi is not ISFJ and Si+Ti is not ISTJ. Ned is the ISTJ and Catelyn the ISFJ; she's just a hardass who will fuck you up to protect her clan. That doesn't disqualify her from being an F.

    --Cersei is not an ENTJ; you're making the common mistake of confusing ESTP and ENTJ because they're both dominant and aggressive. (One of the most Se > Ni scenes in the series is when Baelish, an INTJ, tries to subtly threaten Cersei, an ESTP, by hinting that he knows about her incestuous affair with her brother, saying, "knowledge is power" [Ni], and then she has the guards grab him and threatens to slit his throat and replies "No, power is power!" [Se]). To my knowledge, the only female ENTJ in the series is Olenna Tyrell.

    --Joffrey was a psychotic ISTP who didn't understand or pay attention to the world around him enough to realize he couldn't just shit on everyone all the time and get away with it. (You can argue for ESTP here but I think he was just too oblivious and non-reactive to his political surroundings.)

    You sound rather cocky and almost personally offended by other people's opinions. Also, the name-dropping is pretty trite and unimpressive.

    Littlefinger might be a more clear INTJ in the books, but he gives off an ENFJ vibe in the series.

    Not sure what to say about Arya. INTJ is possible, but I wouldn't rule out ISxP.

    ISTJs, like any other type, can be quite brilliant. No need to assume that's why people see him as an NT. I see him that way because of his interactions with people and his tendency to read between the lines and use it to his advantage. His foresight is superb and he seems to be always a step ahead. He uses the law and set standard for his advantage, but he doesn't seem attached to it. ISTJ doesn't make sense to me because then Ni would be inferior for him and I certainly don't see that.

    I agree that Tyrion could be an introvert, but the reason I see Tyrion as an extrovert is not because he has sex and drinks--most of the characters do that. But because he's been able to endure more than a lot of the characters and has still managed to maintain quite a bit of vitality. And he frequently has to pick an unseen possibility inspired by his environment and go with it before having ample time to think it through. And he's okay with that. He's not okay with injustice, but he seems to gather inspiration from the outside world even if his relationship with it is love/hate. I believe his Fe function is higher than inferior, and I think his Ne is above his Ti because Ti users tend to be veeeeery thorough with an idea before putting it out there. In fact, I'm not sure I can rule out INFP for him because I've noticed instances that looked like Fi/Ne/Te.

    Jamie is much more practical than Tyrion. He is the ultimate realist. He does what he has to do and uses whatever or who(m)ever is there to accomplish it. He's more of a doer than a talker, but he always has the right words to say when the time comes. I think you're the prejudiced one here who thinks sensors can't be brilliant and symbolic. Some great artists of multiple facets were/are sensors who utilize color, shape, and lighting to create nuance in order to convey something. Many of these people were still sensors. In fact, their preference for things to be tangible can be what motivates them to turn something abstract like an emotion into a painting or sculpture or film, etc...Jaimie is a deep, wise in some ways guy. Because he's lived his life without rose-colored glasses. He sees the reality in front of him and he analytical enough to be able to understand it profoundly. Sure, he was trained to fight. But when his arm was cut off it was symbolic of his life. What meant the most to him and what he felt most comfortable with. It was almost as if his dominant function was taken away, then replaced by his auxiliary. Now he uses more Ti.

    Catelyn seems ESTJ to me. She uses Fi, not Fe, and is pretty 'active' and blunt. She always wants the truth and there's little evidence she's introverted.

    Cersei is not practical enough to be an ESTP unless she is extremely unbalanced. She is more idealistic than she admits and is obsessed with control. She does not go with the flow. She temporarily pretends to, then complains and/or tries to manipulate the situation. I see a lot of Ni in her with unbalanced Te and Fi. She's almost constantly paranoid and sees how little things could cause a major domino effect, usually at her expense. She drinks and engages in sensory pleasures when stressed just like someone with inferior Se will do. She's ashamed of her emotions and doesn't really connect with anyone besides Jaime, because he is her twin. She's a worrier to the extreme and people who are Se dominant generally aren't constantly worrying about the future. When she gets a theory she sticks to it even if logic disagrees. She is supposed to be like her father, except less logical and more emotional. Well, if you go by functions, Tywin being an ENTJ and Cersei being an INTJ fits. Obviously, she is unbalanced and has paranoid and narcissistic traits, which INTJs are susceptible to. I don't see much Fe in her, because although she is charming and plays her role well, she's clearly miserable and is fine with the world being in chaos as long as she and the few closest to her are secure and in harmony.

    Joffrey is hard to type. I don't see a clear preference for introversion over extroversion. I think if I had to guess though, I'd pick either Se or Fi as his dominant function. I'm not sure though because I think he uses immediate pleasure more as a distraction from deep-seated emotional pain and self-hatred. It's possible Se is not one of his functions. I can also see a touch of intuition in him that shows up mainly when interacting with or planning to interact with people. It's difficult to say what thinking function he uses.

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    this forum is just people randomly spouting off function names they don't know anything about and it makes me not want to post
    If you could be anything you want, I bet you'd be disappointed--am I right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yumchesspie View Post
    I don't see Cersei as a sensor. Ni causes most of her problems. I also think she naturally has Fi, but is forced to use Fe instead. She seems like an ambivert, so I'd guess xNTJ.

    Littlefinger actually does seem to use Fe with ease. He could be an ENFJ. I guess he might be different in the books, but in the show he doesn't come across as particularly introverted or reserved about his feelings. In fact, he uses his alleged feelings for Catelyn to manipulate people.

    Milisandre--xNFJ. She's pretty charming and good at persuading people, and although she's mysterious there's little proof in the show that she's introverted. She's usually around other people and doesn't seem bothered by unexpected company. However, Ni could still be her dominant function and she could be so committed to her faith that she's willing to put on any front to see her plan through. I can see TJ as well though. She is good at forward planning and likes to test a theory she has in the outside world, so I see a possible Ni/Te combination in her.

    Varys--INTP or INFJ.


    Catelyn--I see more ESTJ than anything. She's action-oriented and uses Fi more than Fe.

    Jon Snow--ISFP


    The Hound--ISTP




    Joffrey--It's hard to say because he was unhealthy and didn't last long, but I do think he liked to be able to control his environment and liked clarity and consistency from the outside, so I think he's a Te user and possibly a J. Obviously he did not use Fe much. He preferred to be blunt rather than tactful, and though highly sensitive he preferred to appear otherwise. He was young and immature, so it's difficult to see how much foresight he might have. He didn't really have to call most of the political shots. Were he less spoiled, and forced to make important decisions, it'd be interesting to see what would do.

    Daenerys confuses me. I can't tell if she uses Fi or Fe. She's good at assimilating into different groups and had good diplomacy for her level of experience, yet she also has some strong, unconventional (for the time/place) views that she refuses to give up even if it hurts her popularity. It was only when individual people came to express their tragedies to her (in the show, at least) that she yielded a bit. That seemed very Fi to me. I think whatever feeling function she uses guides her the most.
    You are right to see Fe in Littlefinger with the exception of it being tertiary rather than dominant. He is somehow an evil counterpart of Varys who is oriented toward maintaining the kingdom and preventing breakdown by any means necessary. Baelish abuses his tertiary Fe to create chaos and disorder. His "love" for Catelyn is more of a simplistic excuse for people like Sansa to justify his actions. His deepest reasons I think are far from a childhood heartbreak.
    The best thing about human beings is that they stack so neatly.

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    I know that what I'm about to say goes against the grain, but ENxP for the canonical Tyrion seems way off to me; he's just too cynical and problem-foreseeing. Also, I could never imagine a Si user, not even an NP, getting so much joy out of sensual pleasures as Tyrion does. That's more of a Se thing.

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    Tv series - Jon Snow: ISFP? e9?

    I see him typed INFJ and INFP but he's such a doer with Fi that I don't agree with either.

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    I'll give it a shot.. Though I think I'll get it incredibly wrong I'm basing these on the series because I haven't read the books (I know right, you can stop gasping there..)

    Tyrion Lannister- ENTP
    Jaime Lannister- ISFJ
    Cersei Lannister- ESTJ
    Daenerys Targaryen- INFJ
    Jon Snow- ISFP
    Samwell Tarly- ISFJ
    Petyr Baelish- ENTJ (Maybe I)
    Maergary Tyrell- ENFP
    Stannis Baratheon- ISTJ
    Theon Greyjoy- ESTP
    Bran Stark- INFP
    Sansa Stark- ESFJ
    Arya Stark- INTJ
    Brienne of Tarth- ISFJ
    Ramsay Bolton- ENTJ
    Varys- INTP
    Bronn- ESTP
    Gendry- ESFJ
    Tywin Lannister- ENTJ
    Shae- ESFJ
    Ygritte- ENTP
    Jofferey Baratheon- ESFP (a very sick one)
    Catelyn Stark- ESTJ
    Robb Stark- ESTJ
    Eddard Stark- ISTJ
    Robert Baratheon - ESFP

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    In response to the OP:

    Interesting. The only one I've really payed enough attention to to possibly speak about would be Jaime Lannister. From the shows (admitting I haven't read the books, although i've wiki-ed the whole series, including a summary of what's been up with Jaime so far). I agree with your guess, but I can't say for sure...maybe ISTP? What I did notice is that the confession to Brienne about how and why he killed the mad king; and a couple other moments in the show, point to ego-dystonic, VERY ego-dystonic (7th or 8th position in the archetype model) introverted feeling.

    The next part is more speculative on my part, but (and this relates to the very-ego-dystonic introverted feeling I just mentioned) early in the series he's vulnerable to Cersie's emotional manipulation, and it seems that getting his values validated by Brienne (ENFP or INFP?) is a key step in allowing him to wake up from the-spell-of-Cersie to the point where he's explicitly working against her from then onward.

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    ILI Ni


    Ned Stark: ISTJ 1w9 > 6w5 > 2w1 so/sp
    Catelyn Stark: ISTJ 1w2 > 2w1 > 6w5 sp/so
    Robb Stark: ESTJ 8w9 > 6w5 > 3w4 sp/so
    Arya Stark: ISFP 7w8 > 8w7 > 4w5 sp/sx
    Sansa Stark: ESFJ 6w7 > 9w1 > 2w1 so/sp
    Jon Snow: ISTJ 6w5 > 1w9 > 4w5 (sw 3w4) sp/so

    Tyrion Lannister: ENTP 7w6 > 9w8 > 3w2 sx/so
    Tywin Lannister: INTJ 8w9 > 5w6 > 3w4 sp/so
    Cersei Lannister: ESTJ 3w4 > 6w5 > 8w9 sp/sx (best guess)
    Jaime Lannister: ESTP 3w2 > 7w8 > 8w7 sx/sp
    Joffrey Baratheon
    : ESFP 2w3 > 6w7 > 8w7 sx/so

    Robert Baratheon: ESxP 7w8 > 8w7 > 2w3 sx/so
    Stannis Baratheon: ISTJ 1w9 > 3w4 > 5w6 sp/sx
    Renly Baratheon: ENFP 3w2 > 6w7 > 9w8 so/sx

    Daenerys Targaryen: ISFP 9w8 > 6w7 > 2w3 sx/so
    Ser Jorah Mormont: ISFJ 6w5 > 9w1 > 2w1 sp/so
    Ser Barristan Selmy: ISTJ 6w5 > ? > ? so/sp

    Littlefinger: INTJ or ENTP 3w4 > 5w6 > 8w9 sp/so
    Varys: INFJ 5w6 > 9w8 > 3w4 ??/??
    Melisandre: INFJ 2w1 > 9w1 > 6w5 sx/sp (best guess)
    The Hound: ISTP 8w9 > 6w5 > 4w5 sp/sx
    Oberyn Martell: ESFP 7w8 > 8w7 > 2w3 sx/sp

    That's all I can think of right now.
    INTJ | 5w6 (sw 4w5) > 8w9 (sw 9w1) > 2w1 sp/so

    I put the Ni in Nightmare

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    Catelyn is xSFJ, not xSTJ.

    There is no way in hell Jon Snow is ISTJ. His prominent function is Fi. He leads with it. Either IXFP.

    Tywin is ENTJ.

    Littlefinger is INTJ.

    Dany is some kind of XNFJ.

    knowledge disappearance. it's a thing.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    Lol. I keep expecting the on-screen Littlefinger to twirl his moustache with panache and mug the camera after each double-edged comment he makes.
    I actually think he's my least favourite character in the tv show. His "Chaos is a laddah" speech is incredibly cheesy and everything he says is so heavily laden with ill-intent it actually makes me laugh that the attitude of the other characters towards him is anything other than avoidance, with the exception of Varys.

    I've not read the books but he just seems...well boring. Yet another overly-obvious Machiavellian type amongst many I've seen in fiction.
    'One of (Lucas) Cranach's masterpieces, discussed by (Joseph) Koerner, is in it's self-referentiality the perfect expression of left-hemisphere emptiness and a precursor of post-modernism. There is no longer anything to point to beyond, nothing Other, so it points pointlessly to itself.' - Iain McGilChrist

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    "Suppose it didn't," said Pooh, after careful thought.
    Piglet was comforted by this.
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