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    Default Hair (1979 film)

    Hi there! I was wondering about the types of the characters...

    Claude: ISTJ
    Sheila: ESFJ (or ENFJ?)
    Berger: ENFP
    Jeannie and Woof: ISFP
    LaFayette ("Hud"): ESTP
    Hud's fiancée: ISFJ

    Any guesses?

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    I don't know how many people here have watched that movie. Do any of the ENFPs here identify with Berger (the lead hippie)? I don't know if he was an activist, as I would expect of an ENFP, or if he was an ESFP taking advantage of the type of era he was in and just mouthing the usual palaver. But in the end he got caught up in his own games.

    Claude seems like a quiet, dutiful ISFJ.
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