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    Gakkou Gurashi
    Yuki Takeya- ENFP
    Miki Naoki- ISTJ
    Kurumi Ebisuzawa- ESTJ (?)
    Yuuri Wakasa- ISFJ

    Himouto! Umaru-Chan
    Taihei Doma- INFJ
    Umaru Doma- ENFJ
    Nana Ebina- ESFJ
    Kirie Motaba- INFP

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    Not sure if these have been done before, so yolo.

    Shinji: INFP
    Asuka: I've seen ENTJ for her, which I like, but I'm not sure if that's accurate or not.
    Rei: INFJ?
    Kaworu: ENFJ???
    Misato: ESFP
    Gendo: INTJ
    Kaji: ENTP

    Vash: ENFP (seems more INFP in the manga)
    Wolfwood: ESTP
    Meryl: ISTJ
    Milly: ENFP?

    Your Lie In April/Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
    Kousei: ISFP
    Kaori: ENFP
    Tsubaki: ESFJ
    Watari: We don't see much of him, but ENTP maybe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfnara View Post
    Anyone familiar with Monster? I am only halfway through the series so I am not certain of any types yet, no spoilers. My impressions were;

    Tenma: IxFx He seems to trust feeling more than logic.
    Nina: INFJ I guess ^-^
    Johan: xNFJ, so far he seems like an Fe dom imo.
    Eva: ESTJ Throughout the series she is frequently showing signs of unhealthy Fi.
    Lunge: ISTP or xNTJ? His Fi/Fe is extremely underdeveloped and I think that is why he suspects Tenma unlike anyone else who has spoken to him.
    Grimmer: ENFP? Definitely an Ne type.
    I watched it years ago, but Tenma is a definition of INFJ, and Johan has more Ni than Hitler. Both INFJs.

    Quote Originally Posted by cytochromeP450 View Post
    Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

    Aladdin - INTP or INFJ ???
    Saluja Alibaba - ESFP
    Morgiana - ISTJ
    Judar - ESTP ?
    Sinbad - ENTP
    Ja'far - INTJ ?
    Ren Hakuryuu - ISFJ
    I have not a slight idea how could you type Aladdin as INTP or INFJ. But don't worry, you are still a precious microorganism for this planet

    Aladdin - ENFP
    Alibaba - ENFJ
    Morgiana - ISTJ
    Judal - ENTP, at first i went with a definition of INTJ, but after i saw him 'landing' in Sindria and playing with Sinbad's empathy i figured he is a typical ENTP. My girlfriend often plays with me like this, damn ENTPs..
    Sinbad - ENFP, prooven by his childhood, together with time and power he becomes more devious, at the time we know him he might indeed look like an ENTP, but i'd still go with ENFP.
    Hakuryuu - strikes as rebellious INFJ, his actions and the way he wanted to fix Kou empire proove it greatly, not entirely sure of the type, tho. I'm more than sure he has Ti, if he had Te he would take different path to fix Kou rather than ask Sinbad-chan for help.
    Schehera-something (blonde loli!) - ENFJ
    The cave guy in green suit who took care of forest in an endless valley without a single trait of light - INFJ
    AMON - no idea, but i like screaming his name in the shower

    Quote Originally Posted by ieatyourhouse View Post

    Kirito : INFJ
    Asuna : ENFP
    Klein : ENFP ?
    Yui : INFP
    Sinon : INFJ
    Lisbeth : ENFP
    Suguha : ENFP
    Kayaba : INTP
    I was thinking about it a lot in past, but Kirito is actually an INFP. He is unaware of his harem, if i were in his place, my Ni would trigger after first glance Lisbeth would present me. It was way too obvious, and not only in this case. He was often carelessly sleeping, even tho he could get killed in sleep. In very short, i'm sorry SAO fanboys, but he is too dumb to be a mighty INFJ. I agree tho his choices and gameplay may look like this. Also, look at Sinon, she is INFJ and she is way more toned and reliable than Kirito. Differences are too obvious.

    Quote Originally Posted by EuropeLover View Post
    Kotonoha seems Fi Dom or maybe ISFJ? Taisuke, ESFP maybe?
    Kotonoha is one of the most basic INFJs you could ever see in an anime. The other obvious INFJs would be Itachi from Naruto, Suzaku from Code Geass and Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul. Cause yes, despite what people think, Kaneki is a true definition of INFJ that goes through 'transformation' from healthy INFJ to unhealthy INFJ, breaking point is being tortured.

    By the bye, i often see people typing Makise Kurisu from Steins;Gate as an INTP or some other random type, please stop, she is clearly an INFJ and Okabe is clearly an ENTP, that's the perfect match for both of those. I guess every INFJ that is in relationship with an ENTP, and every ENTP that is in relationship with an INFJ, could totally vouch for it. I do, at least.

    I missed whole summer season this year, and the fall one is already starting, but i will do my homework and type 'em all for you buds
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    Does anyone know the song Sakura Ikimono Gakari?

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    Date a Live
    Shido Itsuka - INFJ
    Tooka Yatogami - ENFP
    Origami Tobiichi - ISFP
    Kotori Itsuka (White Ribbon) - ESFP
    Kotori Itsuka (Black Ribbon) - ENTJ
    Yoshino - INFP
    Kurumi Tokisaki - ENTP

    Kazuya Kujou - ISFJ
    Victorique - INTP

    No Game No Life
    Sora - ENTP
    Shiro - INTP

    Tari Tari
    Wakana Sakai - ISTJ
    Konatsu Miyamoto - ENFP
    Sawa Okita - ESFP
    Taichi Tanaka - ISTP
    Atsuhiro "Wien" Maeda - ENFJ

    Souta Takanashi - ESTJ
    Poplar Taneshima - ESFJ
    Mahiru Inami - ISFP
    Yachiyo Todoroki - ESFJ
    Kyouko Shirafuji - ISTP
    Aoi Yamada - ENFP
    Jun Satou - ISTJ
    Hiroomi Souma - ENTP

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    Mikado - INFP
    Kida - ESFP
    Izaya - ENTP
    Sonohara - ISFJ
    Shizuo - ISTP
    Kadota - ESTP
    Celty - IxFx
    Shinra - ENFP
    Aoba - ENxP
    Veroma - INTP
    Seiji - ISFP?
    Namaie - IxTJ
    Kujiragi - INTJ
    Egor - INTx
    Shingen - ENTP
    Ran Izumii - ESxP
    Haruya Shiki - ENTJ
    Mizuki Akabayashi - ESTP

    Psycho Pass:
    Akane - INFP
    Kougami - ISTP
    Ginoza: ISTJ
    Masaoka: ESTP
    Kagari: ESFP badass
    Yayoi: ISFP
    Jouji Saiga: INTx
    Makishima Shogo: ENFP Sociopath with strong Te Si
    Kamui: INFJ
    Sybil: INTJ/ISTJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Invisiblemonkey View Post
    I listed Kanda as an INTJ. As for Lenalee, she seemed more like a 'Slightly-Emo-Bad-Past' type person than a 'Bossy Girlfriend' stereotype. Pertaining to Allen, he seems a bit more of a loner than your average shounen hero, he's lower key, plus he's got the 'Black' part of his personality, though that being used to comedic effect... however, I understand your sentiments about Shounen stereotypes. As for Lavi, I used ISFJ due to 'Introverted Sensing' being the primary function of such an archtype. Not to mention his conflict with the incumbent Bookman makes him shy away from being an ESFP, due to their supposed 'Adherence to Tradition', and given the ISFJ's concern about those close to them and people in general, it seems that while an INTP or INTJ would be suited for a Bookman, that Lavi's being an ISFJ is the source of his conflict in regards to adherence to an 'observer' philosophy. As for Allen as an ISTJ, like I said, I'm bad at typecasting (or whatever you call it) I don't want to put him down as an INFP due to their supposed leaning towards an 'unusual' or 'artsy' philosophy, but I don't think he's quite empathetic enough to be an INFJ. If I were to give him a secondary classification, I'd sooner say INFJ, due to his unusually merciful attitude towards his enemies. (See: Tykki Mikk, Fallen Suman.)
    "Figures, my rival's a jerk, and the chick's a nag" -Ryusei Datte, Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation. Like I said, I know how you feel about shounen stereotypes.
    I don't know why you think Kanda is an INTJ. He doesn't seem to be a thinking type person. One of his fans also said he acts before thinking. Just because he's cold doesn't mean he is a thinking type person. Maybe he is, but he's more S type. He doesn't act very flexible (just like his master tiedoll said).

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    I think the new manger girl from Haikyu!! is an ISFJ.

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    Shokugeki No Soma

    God I love this anime. I've seen typings of the main three characters here, but none of the others. The entire appeal of the show is the large variety of characters though!

    Soma: Obvious ENTP
    Megumi: Again, obvious ISFJ
    Erina: ESTJ
    Hisako: ESFJ? She shows Si imo, and possibly Ne.
    Ryoko: Oh god, I don't know. She exudes a calmness though.
    Yuki: ESFP
    Zenji: ISTJ. That poor guy never gets any sleep.
    Shun: I smell INTJ.
    Ikumi: This one kind of stumps me, but I'm leaning ESTP only for lack of anything else.
    Urara: Not sure abut this one either. MY first guess was ESFP, Maybe a bad ENFJ?
    Takumi: Stumped.
    Isami: IXXP
    Alice: XNTX
    Ryo: INTP?
    Miyoko: ISFP.
    Nao: God, she's my favorite (tied with Jun). IXXX? I don't know, I feel like I'd be biased with anything I say. She reminds me of myself in high school.
    Jun: Clear INFJ. She's basically me.
    Akira: INFP or ISFP.
    Satoshi: ENFJ
    Etsuya: ENTJ
    Fumio: ISFJ, maybe.
    Junichiro: ENTP like his son, I believe.
    Gin: Not sure, but I enjoy his chillness.
    Shinomiya: INTP
    Hinako: XNFX

    This is my first time typing a list of something online, so please be gentle with me, senpais.
    “That would be a good thing for them to cut on my tombstone: Wherever she went, including here, it was against her better judgment.”
    ― Dorothy Parker

    The harmony of being is when we feel the suffering of every creature, in our own hearts.
    -- Unity
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    Can someone type Kyouji Shinkawa from Sword Art Online Season 2?

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