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    Tonari no Seki-kun: Seki ~ ISTP; Yokoi ~ INFJ ?
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    "There are so many things to battle, why fight yourself?" ~The Thieves

    "A fickle heart is the only constant in this world." ~Turnip-Head

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    Digimon Adventure (I just finished rewatching it earlier this month)

    Taichi/Tai Kamiya: ESTP 7w8 sx/so - naturally takes on the role of the leader, first instinct is to explore and map out their surroundings, risk-taker, can be aggressive when pushed too far, keeps himself busy, characterized by courage

    Yamato/Matt Ishida: INFJ 4w3 so/sp - sensitive to what role he plays in the group, envious and spiteful towards Tai, tells him to stop always thinking of himself, makes decisions based on concern for TK, characterized by friendship

    Sora Takenouchi: ESFJ 2w1 so/sx - "mother" of the group, goes out of her way to help others and keep them on the right path, feels vulnerable to the idea of being unlovable, can be surprisingly aggressive when her relationships are threatened, characterized by love

    Koushirou/Izzy Izumi: INTP 5w6 sp/sx - constantly searching for new information and knowledge, Mimi once said he'd rather spend time with his computer than with people, has trouble expressing emotion and interacting with others, characterized by knowledge

    Mimi Tachikawa: ESFP 7w8 so/sp - blunt and outspoken member of the group, spontaneous and impulsive, complains about missing her real world possessions, concerned with her reputation, characterized by sincerity

    Joe Kido: ISTJ 6w5 sp/so - constantly thinking of new dangers that can arise, responsible and prepares for anything, nervous nature, heavily influenced by his parents' wishes, reminded by his older brother to follow his own path, characterized by reliability

    Takeru/TK Takaishi: ENFP 7w6 so/sx - cheerful, playful, independent, likes to do things on his own, tends to rebel against others looking out for him, paranoia over what others think of him can set in, wishes to purge all evil, characterized by hope

    Hikaru/Kari Kamiya: ENFJ 2w3 so/sx - Tai once said she's always thinking of others and not herself, friendly and approachable to everyone, sacrifices herself to protect others, has pride in what others think of her, insights about the future, characterized by light
    7w6 - 2w3 - 8w7 sx/so

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    I wonder what Squid Girl would be? 8)

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    Ok so I may have found something that almost fills the hole/craving for ridiculousness that KLK and TTGL left behind and no it's not FLCL.

    Fairy Tail
    Natsu:ESFP 6w7 sx/so
    Lucy: ENFJ 2w3 so/sx
    Juvia:ISFP 4w5 sx/sp
    Erza:ESTJ 6w5 so/sp
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    Re-watching this because it's my favorite.

    Soul Eater
    Maka:ESFJ 2w1 so/sp
    Soul:ISTP 9w8 sx/sp or sp/sx
    Kid: IxTJ 1w9 sp/sx
    Liz:ISFP 3w4 sp/sx
    Patty: ENFP 7w6 so/sx
    Blue Naruto Blackstar: ESFP cp6w7 sx/so
    Tsubaki:ISFJ p6w7 so/sp
    Spirit: ESFP 7w6 so/sx
    Stein: INTP(maybe ENTP) 5w6 sp/sx
    Crona: INFP 4w5 so/sp
    Death: ENFP 2w3 so/sx

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    That's a solid list there.

    Quote Originally Posted by LadyLazarus View Post
    Crona: INFP
    Haha, totally.

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    You'll all have me for this but; here's a crazy thought for you.

    Naruto - ENFJ , JCF
    Open for interpretation.
    Fell for the temptation: Nohari / Johari

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    Isshuukan Friends

    Yuki Hase - ENFP 6w7 so/sx
    Kaori Fujimiya - INFP 9w1 so/sp
    Shogo Kiryu - ISTP 9w8 sp/sx
    Saki Yamagishi - ESFP 7w6 so/sx

    This show was so cute and surprisingly touching.

    Quote Originally Posted by Serendipity View Post
    Naruto - ENFJ , JCF
    JCF-wise, he still seems ESFP to me. I think he might be 2w3 though, which could make him seem more ExFJ-ish.
    7w6 - 2w3 - 8w7 sx/so

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    Golden Time

    Koko:ENFJ 4w3 sx/sp

    -Her obsessive need to plan everything out(not in a practical Te way, more like a fantastical way despite seeming like an ENTJ upon first glance/first impression), as well as single minded focus/ emphasis on the future over everything, struck me as being very Ni.
    -She's very clearly an idealist, she has this picture of what romance should be in her head and tries her best to coerce it into being so in the external world.
    -She's courteous(for the most part), expressive, fairly friendly, comforting, and sensitive. She may exhibit a very Te dom persona(In actuality it's more like her tert Se/ her attempting a Te dom impression in my opinion) when angered but the majority of the time she's a very warm and considerate person. Once returning to her default mood she usually regrets the things she did while in a less than ideal mood. Therefore I perceived her as being Fe dominant.
    -Koko is a very clear sx dom in that she's extremely relationship focused to the point of often crossing the line between romance and obsession. As she said herself, when she loves someone she loves them with all her heart. To the point of stalking her former “soul mate” incessantly. She's also very clingy and possessive in that she wishes to spend every waking moment with her boyfriend. She is extremely jealous, telling him things in the vain of "you can only look at me" "I want to be special to you" “I wish I could shrink you so I could carry you around in my bag all day, then I’d eat you right up”, and basically becoming exceedingly irritated whenever he spends time with or even so much as looks at any other females aside from herself.
    -She seemed social last in that her friendships did not seem to be of nearly as much importance to her as her relationship. During the first episode she also says something along the lines of "I don't need anything else but him, I do not care about anything else but him". She also doesn’t seem interested in forming casual connections with her classmates, one character observes that she doesn’t talk to anyone during lectures, preferring to sit alone(yet she seemed rather unhappy when the people she cared about were ignoring her, saying she felt lonely and invisible despite the fact that she was anything but invisible to others as observed by the main character) , instead preferring to socialize with her much smaller, close knit group of friends/boyfriend outside of class, rather than pursuing casual acquaintance like connections with those she held no particular interest in.
    -She mentions being aware of and frustrated by the fact that she is only playing at being a “grown-up” with her make up and heels.
    - Her entire personality seemed to align rather flawlessly with the sx 4 theme of "competition".
    -She does not seem to intellectualize her emotions whatsoever, she's very dramatic and is described as being "bipolar" by another character(not in the manic and depressive sense of the word so much as the common[wrong] usage/connotation of being very moody or having a lot of mood swings).

    I honestly found her unsettlingly and embarrassingly relatable...she was definitely my favorite character and probably one of the reasons I loved Golden Time, among other factors, being that I really felt I understood her and where she was coming from as well as connected with many of her feelings, motivations, flaws, complexes and even her relationship with Banri. I felt I would have acted in the same way/ a very similar way to her in the scenarios illustrated. I felt like I understood her crazy all too well, (which seriously says so many bad things about me ). I actually weirdly enough felt emotionally connected to this anime for those very reasons or reason. Which I find rather odd as she seems to be my shadow type of all things in regards to MBTI...which actually makes sense and is not odd at all upon further thought.

    Tada Banri: INFP 9w1 so/sx

    -He’s often described as very unreliable which just screams inferior Te to me(perhaps also inferior si, but he doesn’t seem like a Ne dom to me so much as a Fi dom) as well as possibly having to do with being sp last.
    -He’s very much wrapped up in his past, unable to let go, let old wounds heal and move forward , which struck me as a Fi-si loop.
    -He’s extremely self searching and introspective as well as sensitive.
    -His former personality seemed to be rather different, more immature but still very idealistic and overly sensitive.
    -He has no clear concept of his identity, which is a major problem in the later half of the show, he doesn’t know what he wants, or who he really is. Fearing he’ll disappear and no one will notice.
    -He’s very passive most of them time(except for when he gets frustrated with Koko on a few occasions), often waiting for things to come to him and being easily discouraged. His passivity and tendency to become flustered easily in addition to his “nice guy” disposition cause him to get taken advantage of quite a lot.
    -His anxiety attacks in the later half seemed rather like disintegration into 6 to me but I couldn’t say for sure as those two are by no means at all exclusive to one another.
    -He’s very self erasing, very often putting others ahead of himself and lacks self efficacy.
    -He gives a lot of importance to his niche group and seems to make connections with others fairly easily despite seeming to be fairly introverted in nature.
    -It’s mentioned by another character that he knew Koko and Banri would end up together because only such an easy going and tolerant guy could have handled her.

    I didn’t find him the least bit relatable despite sharing both an enneagram type and MBTI type with him, probably due to him being sp last. The only thing I related to in regards to him was the fact that he for lack of better terms sucks at pretty much everything. Also, I don’t know why 90% of the time people called him by his full name, as if it was a weird sort of title or something? Although he was a bit too passive for my liking(“a wimp”) I really liked him in that he was quite simply a kind person.

    Now for the supporting characters, all of whom I either disliked or did not care about, so I won’t really go into very much detail at all with their typings.(I just stereotyped them[which I now absolutely abhor usually but in this case will make an exception in order to make an effort to include them] because they deserve not an ounce more of my attention than that)

    Linda:ESFJ 6w7 so/sx
    -Warm, friendly, responsible, realistic, easily influenced by her peers

    Yana: ISTP sp/sx
    -kind of an opportunist being that he takes advantage of Banri on multiple occasions and never really does much in return for him.
    -surprisingly shy, un-confident, and seemingly unaware of other’s perceptions of him much like Koko.


    2D:ISFJ 6w7 so/sp
    -super loyal until the end, very good friend, brings everyone together

    Overall, I really enjoyed this anime, the two main characters where well developed for the most part, especially Koko(although I actually kind of hate her name to be honest, it sounds sort of trashy out of context in my opinion), the supporting characters where sort of flat though. Nevertheless I really liked the fact that a shoujo/slice of life anime took place in college for once, being that the character’s where my age and the fact that some of the things I am actually going through being addressed within the story, so I found I could understand a lot on an emotional level. Also, I really enjoyed that for once you get to see a relationship in action its within the anime, instead of waiting until the end for the almost archetypal at this point, confession. It’s actually tied with the horrifyingly emotionally manipulative Clannad:afterstory for my favorite romance/drama anime.



    Koko:ENFP 4w3 sx/sp

    ENFP/ESTJ: Ne/Te or Te/Ne--Borderline Personality Disorder. The ENFP I described above may have been one of these types. They simultaneously desire to control and dazzle others with their extraordinary leadership and grandiose performances. For the ENFP, this tends to take the form of insisting on consistent, scheduled attention from others for his/her artistic or creative gifts(That end part really isn't applicable here though admittedly), while for the ESTJ it tends to manifest itself in terms of indignation when others refuse to follow every detail of the user's "visionary" leadership style. This combination, ironically, makes the user extremely dependent upon others for meaning, never really finding a sense of internal balance, no matter how hard he works to create and delegate. While Te leads these types to desire structure and discipline, Ne continually contradicts it by insisting on impulsive displays of creative freedom. Often self-denigrating over the inability to control Ne's impulsive explorations, Te will go to any lengths to keep the user in a position of power and influence, where others must defer to his authority. If Fi/Si were doing its job, these types would recognize that what they're looking for cannot be found outside themselves--they must learn to sometimes live for themselves and only themselves, and forget about external results for a moment.
    -The afformentioned Te/ENTJ impression could actually be her tertiary Te.
    -Her need to make her romantic delusions into a reality could be explained by Ne+Te as could her need to plan everything out in a fantastical sort of manner(not in a paranoid sort of way).
    -As well as the friendliness, and much/all of the above in regards to her really.
    -Her prioritization of her own feelings over the group's/preservation of harmony(as evidenced by when she chose to skulk alone because she was depressed despite making her friends worry, fight with 2D about Banri at the end and therefore disrupt the atmosphere/their group, and once again disrupt the group's emotional atmosphere by revealing something unpleasant to Banri) could also be accounted for by aux Fi.

    (After some more thought I'm actually leaning towards ENFP for her now.)
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    Zankyou no Terror: It's only 7 episodes in so I'll come back and revise this, but so far my guesses are:
    Twelve: ExFP
    Nine: INTJ
    Shibazaki: INTP
    Lisa: INFP
    Five: ENTx. Too much of a caricature at this point and probably the least realistic character of the show, in my opinion.

    Kougami: ISTP
    Akane: INFP
    Ginoza: IxTJ
    Makishima: INTJ
    Kagari: ESFP. Love him.
    Masaoka: ENTP fits the most so...
    Shion: ESTP
    Yayoi: ISFJ

    Tokyo Ghoul (mainly based off of the manga):
    Kaneki: INFJ. Could also argue for INFP, but predominantly presented as an INFJ imo.
    Touka: IXTJ. Cold on the outside but is actually a softie on the inside.
    Tsukiyama: ESFP. Trash king.
    Amon: I'm unsure about him, but he reminds me of an ISFP.
    Hide: ENFJ. Very perceptive, good at reading people and formulating theories. Fe and Ni.
    Yoshimura: possible INFJ. Chapter 119 shed some light on his character.
    Mado: ENTP.
    Akira Mado: INTJ.
    Uta: ExFP
    Itori: ENTP or ENFJ
    Hinami: ISFP. Sunflower child.

    The Tatami Galaxy (this is possibly my favourite anime):
    Watashi: IxTP
    Ozu: ESFJ
    Akashi: INTJ
    Ryouko: ENFx
    Higuchi: INFP
    Jougasaki: ESFP
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