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    Quote Originally Posted by Burner View Post
    This thread has inspired me to want to watch more anime. Not to derail it, but I haven't watched a lot of it (only seen FMA and Death Note). If anyone wants to PM me recs, that'd be great, haha (I'm a big fan of fantasy and historical/political themes.)
    I have been watching Mekakucity actors with the musics and all Kagerou Project (Kagerou has pretty cool songs, anime, manga and novel; I loved the anime with the songs). Mekakucity Actors is quite mental challenging to understand the history (dont cheat to the wiki's before watching everything).

    But its bad for typing. With the songs, I came with a sensation that these characters are ridiculous deep to type (not without the songs), with an exception or two... or 3 out of 8 main characters. Yep, as you read it, it even made me re-think about typology (Im so right into seeing things through cognitive functions, dichotomy, enneagram and big 5 at the same time, way better than just MBTI or just the functions - depthness is something that is becoming a thing for me and that dont make me a 4). The main character however it is quite a well-written INTP type, since it goes deep on what INTP type has, including the introvert judgment aspect, where the character has an perceiving out-ward presentation but yet is quite of a judger (that belongs to Ti and the fact that most INTP are INTj on socionics and J on Jung J/P), with a more or less artistic side although almost as a detail (Openness to Experience - Artistic Interest on Big 5, INTPs surprisingly score significantly), apathetical at first but slowly developing and facing his own feelings (facing more his Fi than Fe) and somewhat facing guilt, and etc...

    Animes that have been recently popular are Tower of God (good one), the one relating Midoryia (Boku no Hero Academia) and Mob Psycho 100. These one have more typable characters, with the former main character being quite stereotype of a Fi-dom, the middle being a INFJ with strong Se due to his main activity and the latter being quite 9ish - INFP, I think. Oh, there is another one that is

    If we have a discussion just for anime in general that discussion is quite on dry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vendrah View Post
    You are re-watching for the sake of argument or just as an excuse?
    Both lol, You gotta love Haruhi and I haven't seen it in awhile anyway since highschool, haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neko 4 View Post
    Okay, N can be spacy, but Usagi seems to be interested in what's in front of her, especially in the first season. I'm sorry if she is different in the manga; I only know the anime. But I know it can be annoying to manga purists when characters are mistyped because of the influence of the anime. (Kenshin alert!)
    Ne is a extroverted percieving function. It means on how you take in information from the external world and see things in the outer world. Both Se and Ne care about objects in the outer world. Se is about details and reacting to objects and details in the moment. And Ne is seeing possibilities in the outer world and imagining and curiosity of objects around you in the real world. Interest in objects in the real world is not exclusive to Se its Ne too. Usagi is curious about objects in the real world with her Ne curiosity and is imaginative and airheaded as a Ne user and when she's curious about something with her Ne curiosity she completely ignores other details around him and just focuses on the things she's curious about with her scatter-brained head in the clouds Ne again. These are some of the reasons people type Usagi Sailor Moon ENFP often among other reasons of course too.

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    Hunter x Hunter MBTI types - Hunter x Hunter Myers-Briggs Typings

    Wanted to do my Hunter typings post list from this thread I made for Hunter x Hunter characters:

    Hunter x Hunter MBTI Types Post : HunterXHunter

    Gon Freecss - ENFP, I made a post on Gon I'll link down below. Gon Freecss is ENFP but he gets mistyped ESFP a lot. Gon uses Ne and his intuition more in the series along with his Si much more in the story as well and I talk about it more in depth in my post below if you want to check it out. I'm planning to do a Part 2 very soon that talks about more Ne, Se, and Si moments for Gon in the story in even more depth and how mainly he uses Ne and Si more often in the series and when each function shows up more in even greater detail. That post is long overdue but no matter better late then never. But regardless, I go into it well enough in the post down below so check it out if your interested, I added some more points to it as well.

    Why Gon Freecs is ENFP, and uses Ne primarily over Se - Hunter x Hunter MBTI : mbti

    Killua - INTP, not an ISTP in my opinion. This dude uses Ti and Ne way too often when he thinks and in his fights. Ton's of logical analysis and seeing noticing logical inconsistencies and trying to find the truth and accuracy with his Ti and uses a ton of Ne brainstorming and imagining possibilities that could happen and coming up with ideas when he brainstorms and figures out something with his Si details he remembers and his Ne brainstorming along with it and of course his Ti logical analysis is apart of it too.

    Leorio - ESFJ

    Kurapika - INTJ

    Netero - ESTP, alright after the Meruem fight, this is clear as day now and thinking back to the other moments in the series too.

    Hisoka - ENTP

    Knuckle - ESFP

    Shoot - ISTJ

    Bisky - ENTJ

    Ging Freecss - INTP, He's definitely not ISTP. He literally says I'm interested in what I don't see near the end of the series. And he uses his intuition and Ne the entire Election arc and ends up being right in the end with his predictions of Pariston's behaviors and patterns and the outcomes of the election itself based on his hunches.

    Chrollo - INFJ

    Kite - INTJ

    Palm: INFP

    Ikalgo: ISFP, my man

    Komugi - INFP

    Mereum - INTJ

    Pitou - ENTP

    Pouf - ISTJ

    Youpi - ESTP

    Shalnark - ENFJ

    Phinks - ESTP

    Feitan Portor - INTP

    Shizuku - INFP

    Melody - INFP

    Pakunoda - ISTJ

    Nobunaga - ISTJ

    Phantom Troupe MBTI post I did:

    Phantom Troupe MBTI - Hunter x Hunter MBTI Types : mbti

    Franklin - ISFJ

    Machi - INTJ

    Hanzo - ISTJ

    Illumi - INTP

    Zeno - INTP

    Milluki - INFP

    Colt - ISTJ

    Cheetu - ESFP

    Uvogin - ESFP

    Cheadle - ISTJ

    Genthru - ESTP

    Tonpa - ESTP

    Pariston - ENTP

    Mechi - ESTP

    Mito - ISFJ

    Canary - ISFJ

    Alluka - ENFP

    Zushi - ISFJ

    Wing - ISTJ

    Morel - Battling between ESTP or ENTJ

    Knov - INTJ, possibly ISTJ too

    Meleoron - INTP

    I can add more again in time, add more some if you wish that I missed and share your opinion, thanks.

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    Just finished Death Note; man, what a show! Can't believe I hadn't seen it before.

    Light Yagami: ENTJ 1w9 > 3w4 > 5w6 so/sp
    L: INTP 5w4 > 4w5 > ? so/sp
    Misa: ESFP 2w3 > 7w6 > 9w8 so/sx
    Soichiro Yagami: ISTJ 1w2 > 6w5 > 3w4 so/sp
    Ryuk: ENTP 7w8 > 3w4 > 9w8 sx/sp
    Near: INTJ 5w6 > 8w9 > 3w4 so/sp
    Aizawa: xSTJ 6w5 > 1w9 > 3w4 so/sp
    Matsuda: ENFP 6w7 > 2w3 > 9w1 so/sx
    Mello: ENFP 4w3 > 8w7 > 6w7 sx/so

    I'll be honest, L and Near I couldn't confidently discern tritypes for; their core 5-ness is too damn strong.
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    It's unfortunate that we don't get more of the characters from other schools in Girls und Panzer, because I tend to find them all more interesting than the MCs... And of course, there's not enough content to make actual assumptions for most of the cast.
    But then, you've got 12 episodes, a film and 2 OVAs for a huge numbers of characters and the whole show is action-oriented, it doesn't give enough time for actual, in-depth character building that you can base your suppositions on...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burner View Post
    Just finished Death Note; man, what a show! Can't believe I hadn't seen it before.

    Light Yagami: ENTJ 1w9 > 3w4 > 5w6 so/sp
    L: INTP 5w4 > 4w5 > ? so/sp
    Misa: ESFP 2w3 > 7w6 > 9w8 so/sx
    Soichiro Yagami: ISTJ 1w2 > 6w5 > 3w4 so/sp
    Ryuk: ENTP 7w8 > 3w4 > 9w8 sx/sp
    Near: INTJ 5w6 > 8w9 > 3w4 so/sp
    Aizawa: xSTJ 6w5 > 1w9 > 3w4 so/sp
    Matsuda: ENFP 6w7 > 2w3 > 9w1 so/sx
    Mello: ENFP 4w3 > 8w7 > 6w7 sx/so

    I'll be honest, L and Near I couldn't confidently discern tritypes for; their core 5-ness is too damn strong.
    In my opinion Light is INTJ and Misa is ENFP. Like this video on the topic:

    Death Note Character Analysis (Anime and Netflix Movie) - MBTI - YouTube

    There common debates though, thanks for your opinion. And yeah Ryuk is ENTP and L INTP of course.
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    It's time to share my opinion on my favorite series of all time, One Piece! Still working on that in depth Luffy ENFP post with my ISFJ friend, I'll probably work on it today more. But for now here's a repost of my opinions on One Piece character types with brief descriptions and in depth character posts too on key characters, I'm planning on finishing all the straw hats and doing a post on them all individually as well to finish but so far I've done most of them so far sure already. I posted this post awhile ago on reddit but I figured I'd share it here now finally after analyzing this series through the years.

    Here's the original thread on reddit if you want to see it:

    One Piece MBTI - Updated Myers-Briggs Types : OnePiece

    I wanted to do an updated list of One Piece MBTI characters post. Times past and theres more characters in this massive show to add that I didn't add before so I wanted to do that here. There will be some overlap but also a ton of new characters that I didn't type before here.

    One Piece Character Myers-Briggs Typing:

    Luffy - ENFP, Imaginative, sees possibilities in the world and everywhere, love of adventure, loves dreams and goes after his dreams with confidence, bad with details, listening to others, focusing on plans, tries to intuitively understand situations even if he doesn't know all the details and the whole story and only some details to make decisions off of like with the Luffy vs Vivi scene in Alabasta for example, struggles with mundane tasks and his environment and paying attention to detail, very idealistic and naive, scatterbrained and creative. Sees possibilities like with his excitement to go to unknown places and islands out of curiosity for adventure, learning and teaching himself Gear 2nd and 3rd from watching the CP9 techniques and seeing the possibility of making his own new techniques from it. He did this before as well with how he imagined and learned Gum Gum Pinwheel after the past experience of seeing Genzo's Pinwheel hat and thinking to himself that it was a cool move, he came up with a new idea for an attack from that, Ne and Si moment again for Luffy. Naturally inspires those around him with his charisma and depth as a person without even trying too. Has very deep, idealistic values that come out in different aspects of the series, especially when his values are crossed and when his friends are involved and people he cares about. Copies Shanks philosophy with his Si, as we see with him apologizing in the Sabo flashback and him copying Shanks in the bar in Jaya arc against Bellamy and that arc represents dreams as well with Luffy's Ne and believing in the Sky Island. Comes up with new attacks on the spot the whole series, Gum Gum Finger Net against Arlong, Gum Gum Storm against Crocodile, Gum Gum Fireworks on Skypeia, Gum Gum Snakeshot against Hordy in Fishman Island, Gum Gum Bowgun against Wapol, Gum Gum UFO on Punk Hazard, the list goes on for Ne attacks Luffy comes up with in the series. You guys already know this and how he fights so I'll move on now. I have more reasons than this of course on why Luffy is ENFP and Ne dom Si inferior arguments, I'm working on a Luffy ENFP post in depth for Luffy with my ISFJ friend and hopefully it will be out soon since he's my favorite character and this post is very long overdue in my opinion.

    Zoro - ISTP

    Nami - ESFJ, just because she's bossy and keeps the crew on task doesn't mean she's a Te user. She uses Fe and is emotional and focuses on people with her decision making, Fe can be very bossy too. And also remember her Fe moment towards the children back on Punk Hazard. And check out every conflict the Straw Hats ever had or when a crew member left, Nami is always one of the ones to get emotional and says don't you understand how they feel? and wants to fix the problem immediately because she's emotionally stressed by the situation. Just rewatch when Chopper left at Davy Back, when Luffy argued with Vivi, when Usopp and fought Luffy, when she told Luffy the truth about Robin in tears, her emotion during the Luffy vs Sanji fight and her slapping Sanji afterwards while in tears and upset at him, Nami uses Fe over and over again the entire series. Nami's always acted like a stereotypical ESFJ and shown Fe in the series.

    My Nami ESFJ post and how she's an Fe dom:

    Nami (ESFJ) - One Piece MBTI Typing, Why Nami is an Fe dom and not a Te dom : mbti

    Sanji - ENFJ, Fe dom not a Te user. Very emotional and idealistic and cares about manners and treating a lady right from a society and emotional standpoint. Uses Ni with examples of his plan back in Enies lobby and getting them out of there, his acting with Crocodile in little garden and then acting again as Mr. Prince and coming up with that plan to get the straw hats out and fooling Crocodile by being always one step ahead of him showcase his strong Ni. His all blue dream is one of the most idealistic of the Straw Hats and Sanji's idealism comes out even more in the whole cake island arc. Always in his head dreaming about mermaids and women again and very future oriented.

    My Sanji ENFJ post and how he's an Fe dom and Ni user:

    Sanji (ENFJ) - One Piece MBTI, Why he'''s an Fe dom and not a Te user or Si user : mbti

    Usopp - ENTP, definitely an Ne dom and Ti aux and Fe ter user for sure. Has very unhealthy Si inferior an clinging to the past in unhealthy ways, classic Si inferior user.

    Chopper - INFP, Fi dom not an Fe user just because he's a doctor. Driven by his Fi and what he feels is right and gets embarrassed from praise and very shy and he's very naive with his Ne coupled with his Fi in the series all the time.

    My Chopper INFP post:

    Tony Tony Chopper (INFP) - One Piece MBTI Types, how he uses Fi and Ne not Si dom or Fe : mbti

    Nico Robin - INTJ, Te user and efficient and helps keep the crew stay on track with her focus and good management skills, very brooding at times and uses Ni more with her demeanor and planning in the series and structured attitude. Gets impatient with people often with things she cares about or dislikes like her rage at Tashigi for wasting her time going toward the Ponyglyph in Alabasta and being rigid and upset at Franky and the crew for the docking suggestion in Thriller Bark, those are just a few Te moments in Robin, another one is her getting information they needed about the Sky Island on Jaya for a Ni and Te moment for her. XNTJs can want to learn information as well not just Ti users. Nico Robin is INTJ not INTP imo, her Ni is clear in my opinion and her Te. Robin is definitely INTJ.

    My Robin INTJ post:

    Nico Robin is (INTJ) - One Piece MBTI Typing, How she uses Ni and Te more : intj

    Franky - ESTP

    Brook - ESFP, Amazing character and moments in the series.

    Jinbei - ISTJ

    Carrot - ENFP

    Nefertari Vivi - ISFJ

    My Vivi ISFJ post:

    Nefertari Vivi (ISFJ) - One Piece MBTI Character Typing : isfj

    Coby: ISFJ

    Helmeppo: ESFP

    Silvers Rayleigh: INFJ

    Garp: ESTP

    Gol D Roger: ENFP

    Whitebeard: ENFJ

    Kozuki Oden: ENFP

    Boa Hancock: ENTJ, not ESTJ. She uses Te dom and Ni aux. Doesn't care for rules or duty as we saw with her being called by the Marines and rejecting them despite the consequences, shows she doesn't care for Si and uses Ni more often, much more future oriented and selfish to her own needs over duty as an empress, she eventually broke the tradition of a man being on the island by giving into her love to Luffy and letting him stay and helping him which points away again from Si in her again, she uses Ni more with her future oriented thinking and plans she comes up with when an issue needs to be handled and she is very logical and has great insight into things and again plans a lot for the future when problems arise in tough spots and bad situations. She's a clear ENTJ.

    My Boa Hancock ENTJ post here below:

    Dracule Mihawk: INTJ, not ISTP. Te user and Ni dom. Just watch his Zoro fight and the potential he saw and the insight he saw with that and Luffy's true ability in Marineford.

    Shanks: INFJ, he's an extroverted introvert but he uses Ni the entire series as we all know, for example stop Ace Whitebeard I have a bad feeling, Gorosei I have something to talk to you about, I made a bet on the new era and touches his lost arm, the list goes on for the Ni in Shanks and his being Fe second. Shanks is always predicting things and has hunches about the future with his Ni do and he uses his Ti logical inconsistency analysis of situations pretty well too for Ti tertiary in him but struggles with Se inferior being in the moment to responds to details now and is more future oriented with his Ni dom and the constant things he's thinking about behind the scenes with his Ni dominant.

    Law: INTJ, not ISTJ. Plans a million steps ahead and can adapt well when they need a new plan if things don't go well. Completely obsessed with strategy for the future and doesn't care about tradition, rules, or the past unless its his dark past with Corazon and Dolflamingo, but having a dark past doesn't mean your an Si user. Just look at some of Straw Hats or Hancock, they have dark pasts and hold on to them but aren't Si users except for a few Straw Hats of course. Law will ignore rules and tradition if it means it will help and support the plan they have and is the most effective path forward if plans need to change suddenly, he's good at adapting to change and will make a new plan that's the best possible method forward when necessary showcasing his Ni domaninat and inferior Se as well with adapting to new details in the moment and planning ahead again strategically with his Ni and Te.

    Momonosuke: ESTJ

    Kinemon: ISTJ, a very, very loud one haha.

    Zeff - ESTJ

    Judge - ENTJ

    Jack - ESTJ

    Queen - ESFP

    Pudding - ENFP good side, ESTP bad side

    Pedro - ISTJ

    Cavendish - ESFJ

    Bartolomeo - ESFP

    Ivankov - ESFP

    Viola - ENFJ

    Kalifa - ISTJ

    Fukurou - ISFP

    Kumadori - ESFP

    Kaku - ENFJ

    Blueno - ISTJ

    Akainu: ESTJ

    Kizaru: ENTP

    Aokiji: INTP

    Doflamingo: ENTP, just look at his Throne Wars speech for his Ne along with his Dressrosa moments for you ENFJ fans. He bounces off ideas and challenges peoples beliefs and always is discussing possibilities like his Marineford speech, Dressrosa, and his Throne Wars again. Clear Ne dom and Ti user.

    Gecko Moria: ENTP

    Kaidou: ESTP, opinion changed

    Big Mom: ESTJ, this one if very clear and obvious in my opinion. Definitely a Te dom and Si user and has strong Ne with her dream with races and struggles with her Fi inferior

    Blackbeard: ENFP mainly, with also ENTJ and ESFP all in one haha. 3 personality theory...But definitely an ENFP overall like Luffy as we see especially in Jaya and with his speech there about dreams to him which Luffy obviously believes in as well a lot for his character too. And his happy go lucky idealism and naivety as well with the dreams point and speech, but blackbeard clearly has developed Te with him being sometimes strategic when he's not impulsive and caring a lot about power and strength and gaining it with his sleazy, backstabbing antics.

    Ace: ESTP

    Buggy: ESTJ

    Alvida: ESFP

    Foxy: ESFP

    Sengoku: ESTJ

    Arlong: ENTJ

    Enel: ENTP

    Crocodile: ENTJ

    Fisher Tiger: ENFJ

    Otohime: ENFJ

    Shirahoshi: ISFP

    Perona: ISFP, a really, really loud one! Massive extroverted introvert with her.

    Katakuri: ISTP

    Smoker: ISTJ

    Tashigi: ISFJ

    Caesar: ENTP

    Capone Bege: ESTJ

    Jewelry Bonney: ESTP

    Basil Hawkins: INTP

    Eustass Kid: ESTP, opinion changed again

    Lucci: ISTJ, the most Si dom man in the show in my opinion.

    Iceberg: ISTJ

    Tom: ENFP

    Sabo: ENFJ, I used to think INFP in the past but after seeing him older and seeing people say ENFJ, it totally makes sense imo. Definitely uses Ni and is future oriented and has great insight. Definitely not ESFJ in my opinion, ENFJ makes the most sense for Sabo.

    Kuma: INFJ, this one is super clear and obvious in my opinion but he is mysterious so I can understand if anyones confused on him, this typing makes the most sense to me.

    Joy Boy: ENFP, my theory haha. I mean just look at his name.

    Shiki: ENTJ

    Monkey D. Dragon: INFJ

    Fujitora - INTP

    Benn Beckman - ISTJ

    Lucky Roo - ESFP

    Dadan - ESTJ

    Bepo - ISFP

    Makino - ISFJ

    Kureha - ESTJ

    Pell - ISTJ

    Baby 5 - ESFJ

    Bellemere - ESTP

    Koala - ESFJ

    Jaguar D. Saul - ENFP

    Dalton - ISFJ

    Monet - ISFP

    Wanda - ISTJ

    Charlotte Praline - ESFJ

    Senor Pink - ESTJ

    Bellamy - ESTP

    Ghin - ISTJ

    Nico Olivia - INTP

    Professor Clover - INTP

    Hiriluk - ENTP

    Hina - ISTJ

    Kaya - ISFJ

    Spandam - ESTJ

    Wiper - ESTP

    Kuina - ENTJ

    Pekoms - ESTJ

    Mr. 1 - ISTJ

    Ms. Doublefinger - ESFJ

    Ms. Valentine - ESFP

    Igaram - ESTJ

    Ms. Merry Christmas - ESTJ

    Jabra - ESTP

    Mont Blanc Cricket - ESTJ

    Noland - ENFJ

    Conis - INFP

    Reiju - INFJ

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    Mairimashita, Iruma-kun!:

    Iruma: ISFP
    Clara: ENFP
    Kirio: INTP
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    Quote Originally Posted by neko 4 View Post
    Redoing Sailor Moon characters:
    Usagi: ESFP 2
    Mamoru: INTJ 1
    Ami: ISTJ 1
    Rei: ENTJ 3
    Makoto: ISFJ 9
    Minako: ESFJ 3
    Chibiusa: ESFJ 7
    Setsuna: ISTJ 9
    Haruka: INTJ 8
    Michiru: INTP 5
    Hotaru: INFP 4
    I just held this poll for Usagi and ENFP won for Usagi Sailor Moon. Popular opinion and votes that win aren't always right but in this case I think it was correct for her. Here's the poll down below if you wanna see it:

    Usagi Sailor Moon Poll - ENFP? ESFP? INTP? INTJ???? : mbti

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