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    Default Kobe Bryant, Bruce Lee, ISTP, INTJ?

    It seems to be a common prejudice I have observed for people to type superstar athletes ISTP and I am sure a lot of them are but just because someone is a superstar athlete is not a guarantee they are ISTP or any other SP. Some of these superstar athletes such as Kobe Bryant and Bruce Lee are great examples of this ISTP mistyping craze. At least to me it seems more likely Kobe Bryant and Bruce Lee are INTJ because of their indomitable willpowers and focused perceptions. Bruce Lee seems like an even more likely INTJ than Kobe Bryant since he studied metaphysical philosophical systems which attract Ni dominants but Kobe Byrant is still a likely INTJ due to his independent swagger and mastery of mind over the basketball world. Both are also high achievers which correlates well with them being INTJ 3w4 Masterminds.

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    Kobe Bryant may to be INTJ
    Bruce Lee - ESTP

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