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  • INFP

    10 24.39%
  • ISFP

    9 21.95%
  • INFJ

    15 36.59%
  • INTJ

    2 4.88%
  • other MBTI

    8 19.51%
  • 9w8

    3 7.32%
  • 9w1

    1 2.44%
  • 1w9

    8 19.51%
  • 1w2

    4 9.76%
  • 8w9

    3 7.32%
  • 1w2

    1 2.44%
  • 2w1

    2 4.88%
  • 6w7

    4 9.76%
  • 6w5

    2 4.88%
  • other Enneagram

    2 4.88%
  • Sp/Sx

    5 12.20%
  • Sx/Sp

    2 4.88%
  • Sx/So

    6 14.63%
  • So/Sx

    4 9.76%
  • Sp/So or So/Sp

    2 4.88%
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    I think Cersei is either 6w5 or 4w3 Sx/Sp (very jealous, reactive, vengeful, indignant). I think her full type is 4w3/6w5>8w7 Sx/Sp, but I'm not sure of her MBTI

    also, I don't think Khaleesi's vengeance is from disintegration to 8. her vengeance is, imo, much more 1-ish (controlled, authoritative, justice oriented) and I don't see it as a stress response, rather a strategic response (compare to Theon, his line to 8 is more pronounced).
    my thoughts on Khaleesi's type overall are INTJ 2w1>9w1>6w7 So/Sx

    Margaery is either 3w2 Sx/So or 2w3 So/Sx
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    INTJ??.............. That's hilarious !

    Quote Originally Posted by Elfboy View Post
    based on the TV series, I think she's ISFP 9w8 Sx/Sp
    I think precisely this, and I see her variants could also be sp/sx. I think self preservation comes first. My reasoning for Daenerys being an ISFP is on my blog. This is why I think she is not INFJ;

    - Doesn't anticipate the consequences of her actions
    - Where is the inferior Se
    - Anyone can have a dream in their life that aim towards. She is destined to be on the throne as a right from the legacy of her noble house.
    - Being aware of group values, such as the Dothraki culture is not necessarily Fe. Introverted feelers can recognize this and conform to this as well.
    - She does not use Fe as a method to emotionally appeal to others or show an externally warm presence. She does this
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    I'm no expert but my Song of Ice and Fire geek sister thinks 8.

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