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Thread: Poker players.

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    Default Poker players.

    The typings are mostly tentative.

    Phil Ivey
    INTJ 8w7 sx/sp

    Patrik Antonius
    INTP 9w1 sp/so

    Tom Dwan (aka durrrr)
    INTP 5w6 sp/sx

    Antonio Esfandiari
    ESTJ 1w2 so/sp

    Phil Hellmuth
    ESFP 8w7 sx/sp

    Daniel Negreanu
    ESFJ 2w1 so/sx

    Phil Laak
    ENTP 7w6 sx/so

    Phil Galfond
    ENFP 6w7 so/sx

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    Phil Ivey ISTP 8w9 Sp/Sx

    Phil Hellmuth ENTP 6w5 Sp/Sx

    Daniel Negreanu ESFJ 7w6 So/Sx

    Phil Laak ESTP 7w6 So/Sp
    EsTP 6w7 Sx/Sp

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    I'm 11 minutes in to KidPoker on Netflix and there's no possible way Daniel Negreanu is ESFJ.

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    Ivey - ISTP - he plays more on gut and experience than deep theory, seems introverted as well, and isn't a great financial planner with how he blows his money at dice making me think he's a P type
    Antonius - INTJ - he just seems to have that deep intense focus that INTJs have, not much of a joker. it's hard to explain but he seems like someone who is very responsible, disciplined and organized too.
    Dwan - INTP or INTJ - I am not really sure about him, it is hard to tell with this guy. he is halfway between Antonius and Blom.
    Esfondiari - ENFJ - he's more of the plays-the-player type of guy, very sociable with the table, seems to have all his actions under control
    Hellmuth - ENTJ - no way he's anything but. he's like the ENTJest of ENTJs. he's a cocky shrewd businessman with a very intuitive understanding of various aspects of the game.
    Negreanu - ENTP or ENFP - hard to tell but he is CERTAINLY one of those two types and not a freaking ESFJ!
    Laak - ESTJ? - I am not as familiar with him but that seems to work. he's very methodical and known to use a conservative style, not as much of a deep thinker as most other pros.
    Galfond - ENTP or INTP - this guy is really talented but kind of lazy. made a lot of money and kind of shies away from getting deep down into the theory nowadays.
    Sulsky/Haxton - INTJ - I just mention these two online players because they are perfect examples of INTJs. they do everything to get an edge, put so much time into theory outside of the game, planning ahead, etc
    Blom - INTP - yeah it's pretty obvious. huge mind, knows how to play but a little stubborn and lazy, and prone to degenerate habits
    Cates (Jungleman) - INTP - it's interesting the different kind of preparation that Cates and the INTJs use, Cates is much more about playing the player and doesn't have as much of a backing strategy
    Polk (WCGRider) - ENTP - he tested as this and it makes sense

    I think INTJ is the type most likely to succeed as professional poker players, with INTP as close second. N followed by T most important. Introversion slightly preferable, J just makes you more likely to succeed, not really more skilled.
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