Creator of the band, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, he creates all sorts of music with an extremely creative and independent spirit. As a touchstone, the music genres usually attatched to the band are shoegaze, psychedelic rock, lo-fi, etc.
I know many people will not be familiar with this band, or this person, so I'm grateful to anyone who pays attention to my post or is interested enough to respond with thoughts.
This person is fascinating to me, and I can't place his type. If anyone's interested, he is the subject of a documentary called "Dig!", which won Sundance film festival in 2004.

Here are some youtube clips of Anton that might help to figure out his type if you can't watch the movie (which you could find on youtube too):

Ok, so, any thoughts are welcome. And check out his music, maybe some of you will be fans, I don't know, this is my first post here. Thanks