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Thread: Legend of Korra

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    Finished watching the show finally, it was super awesome

    Korra - ESFP (very opinionated, always takes sides)
    Mako - ISTJ
    Bolin - ESFJ (later on he becomes less silly and more responsible)
    Asami - ISFJ
    Tenzin - ISTJ
    Varrick - ENTP
    Zhu Li - ISTJ
    Lin Beifong - ESTJ
    Suyin Beifong - ENFP (super free spirited)

    Eska - ISFP
    Desna - INFP

    Tonraq - ESTP
    Unalaq - INTJ
    Amon - ENFJ
    Zaheer - ISTP (probably the only villain not to have a grand scheme, just wreck everything and let things return to their natural order)
    Kuvira - ENTJ
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    Korra: ENFJ
    Mako: ISTP
    Bolin: ESFP
    Asami: INFJ

    Varrick: ENTJ
    Zhu Li: INFP

    Lin Beifong: INTJ
    Suyin Beifong: ENFP

    Amon: INTJ
    Unalaq: ISTJ
    Zaheer: INFP
    Kuvira: INxJ
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    For this series, the dominant/inferior functions of the main characters seems like a nice starting point.

    Korra is an extraverted sensing character. All about impressive displays, presence, and responding to issues with immediate (if sometimes impulsive) tactical action. So that makes ES?P.

    Tenzin is an introverted sensing character. All about tradition, legacy, and sustaining a culture. With his inferior intuition, he values the spiritual aspects of his culture but is unable to do some of the key 'spirit stuff' such as meditating into the spirit world. For him, I'd guess ISFJ.

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    I'm so glad most people that have posted so far are in agreement about Korra.
    Mako: INTJ?
    Bolin: INFP. ._. I say that because I've seen INFPs that act a lot like him. He definitely seems Fi dommish at the very least. It's his awkwardness I'm talking about. but I guess he could be an ESFP. [I watched all of first season, but that was a while ago.]
    Asami: ISFJ? she seems kind of soft to be a T. I suspect she's an I because she's so intense and it's almost kind of focused inwards. She seems too Si-ish to be a P in my opinion. She's fancy and confident in a graceful, lady-like way, not in a Se action-y way.

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    I dont understand why so many think Tenzin is an infj. He is much too grounded in tradition and practicality and does not trust his imagination unless he is under extreme stress and the situation calls for it. I get that he is spiritual but thats because that is the reality he was born into with aang as his father, and as an airbender it is important to embrace the spirit over the material world so it makes sense why he embraces this tradition so strongly. He's most likely an isfj and i think he is an Fe user, even though he appears very stern, because he impulsively wants to help people albeit in a way that defines tough love. I'd compare him to jinora(infj) as he prefers a practical approach while she tries to imagine a different perspective in her everyday communication and problem solving.
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