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Thread: Bill Bryson

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    Default Bill Bryson

    The obvious question- what do you think his type is?

    I'd have to go with EsFP, definitely ExFP of some sort but I'd appreciate your input.

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    I consider him after reading him to be an introvert. I am going with IsfP very boarderline in the n/s and t/f areas. I difficult one to to peg because at sometime he sounds like an ENTP idea machine and at other time sounds like a ISFP potty humorist.
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    I love Bill Bryson!

    He's totally an INFP. All that goofy, absurdist, self-deprecating humour and nerdy love of useless, yet interesting facts; it's so INFP. I've also heard he's rather reserved, in spite of the exuberant voice he writes with - so definitely an introvert.
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