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    Having done extensive research into the man, I think he was an INFJ. Reason being, an INTJ would have released their experiments with impunity out into the world. Tesla, on the other hand, ALWAYS considered the affect it would have on people first and changed his actions accordingly. In fact, he ended up a pauper because he put people first. As well, he trusted the "ether", he admits that he received most of his ideas through meditating and connecting with the "ether". That is pretty definitive. Carl Jung was also INFJ.

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    INFJ Ni - Ti.

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    Constructing and testing detailed physical models in your head sounds pretty Si-Ti to me. And Ni. Maybe he had a weird order of functions.

    Si and Ni are definite IMO. His visions dealt with the appearances of inventions and how they would operate.

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    He's been reincarnated allegedly. We should just ask him to take an MBTI test. My guess would be INFJ as well.

    Did Tesla Reincarnate as Patrick Flanagan?
    I thought Dungeon Master was a jerk for talking in riddles all the time. That's probably why Venger went to the dark side.

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