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Thread: Harry Potter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aesthete View Post
    I changed my mind: Luna is INFJ, I think.
    Thanks for being the first one to catch on that Luna (Lovegood) is N-dom. I think she's ENFP, though INFJ isn't out of the question.

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    Harry: ISFP
    Ron: ESFP
    Hermione: ISTJ
    Draco: EXTX (?)
    Neville: ISFP
    Luna: INFP
    Fred: ENTP
    George: ENTP
    Mrs. Weasley: ESFJ
    Lupin: INFP
    Sirius: ENTP
    Dumbledore: INTP
    McGonagol: ISTJ
    Snape: INTJ
    Umbridge: ESTJ
    Hagrid: ISFP
    Tonks: ENFP
    Bellatrix: EXTP
    Voldemort: INTJ
    Dobby: ISFJ
    Mr. Weasley: ENFP
    INFP 4w5 so/sp

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    Harry: INFP - I've always seen Harry as a Sensor; agreed on the other variables.

    Ron: ESFP - Couldn't agree more.

    Hermione: ISTJ - Probably true, though she's a difficult one. Her dedication to unconventional causes (S.P.E.W. anyone?) suggests an underlying N.

    Draco: ENTP - To me, Draco appears to be extremely underdeveloped personality-wise. I have a hunch that he is a Sensor; I'd say ISTP, but honestly, I don't think he can be typed precisely from what we know about him.

    Neville: ISFP - Definitely.

    Luna: INTP - She always struck me as a Feeler.

    Fred: ENTP - I'm torn between ENTP and ENFP on both him and George.

    George: ENTP - See Fred.

    Ginny: SP of some kind, 7 or 8? She's not all that developed. - I think she is an ESTP.

    Percy: ESTJ - And an annoying one at that - totally agree.

    Mrs. Weasley: ESFJ - She has to be, to be able to take care of that crazy family. I can see some P tendencies, but I ultimately agree with you.

    James: ESFP - I always saw him as a Thinker.

    Lily: INFJ - I'd probably peg her as an Extravert, but you might be right.

    Lupin: INFP - No doubt about this one.

    Sirius: ExTP - Oddly, I'd say either ISTP or ENTP for him; right now I'm leaning towards ISTP.

    Pettigrew: ESFJ - ISFJ, he doesn't seem all that outgoing. Otherwise agreed.

    Dumbledore: INFJ - He couldn't be more INFJ.

    McGonagol: INTJ - I think she's ENTJ, but I'm not entirely certain.

    Snape: INTJ - Absolutely.

    Umbridge: (evil bitch) ESTJ - Ooooooooooh yeah.

    Hagrid: ISFx - ISFP, possibly Extravert, but most likely Introvert.

    Tonks: ENFP - Quite likely, but I'm tempted to say she's a Sensor.

    Bellatrix: ENTJ - She might be a "broken" ENFJ.

    Voldemort: INTJ - Like all supervillains (what's up with all of them being INTJ btw?), completely agreed.

    Sorry if my predictions are completely wrong. I'm just guessing, none of these are for sure. Typing fictional characters is flighty business.
    I think you did very good
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