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    Quote Originally Posted by Oeufa View Post
    Well that's true. I'm still inclined to think S though - perhaps ESTP instead of ISTP as I originally guessed.
    I think I agree with you now on Kvothe's type: ESTP.

    Others (including changes):

    Bast - ESFP
    Denna - ENFP
    Wilem - INTJ
    Simmon - ISFP
    Fela - INFJ
    Ambrose - ETJ
    Elodin - ENTP
    Auri - INFP
    Devi - Salomé
    Alveron - ISTJ
    Stapes - ISTJ
    Tempi - ISTP
    Felurian - ENFP
    Shehyn - INTP
    Vashet - ESTP
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    So ya finally read Book 2 eh? I don't know if Felurian can be typed. Though I totally buy Vashet as ESTP. Good call

    In other news, I saw an interview with Pat Rothfuss the other day where he said that Day 3 won't be out in 2013. I'm devastated.

    And yes, there are such things as INTPs who overuse emoticons

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