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    Quote Originally Posted by Ribonuke View Post
    Inara and Book. Possibly Simon.
    ENTJ 5w6 so/sp SLE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ribonuke View Post
    IAre there any instances of INFJ female characters? The reason I ask is because I'm having trouble knowing how I come across to other people
    Characters as models of behavior are bad because only real people have Jungian type. Characters have no restrictions wich real people have.

    Examples of real INFJ people you may get here. Then you may look their interviews and biographies for info about their behavior.

    instead of just copy-and-pasting from the nearest list you found on Google
    There are no seriosly based such lists and when people do not know types versions of others they get very low match in typing (< 30%). So as other authors of such lists I do not recommend you to use any list besides mine, and when you use such lists always remember - it's just hypotheses, not objective truth.

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    off the tip of my head:

    TV series:

    Dark Angel (sort of, just barely)

    Game of Thrones

    Inglourious Basterds

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    Firefly: Inara Serra struck me as a maybe-INFJ.

    Homestuck: Aranea and Kanaya (notably both Slyphs) both have that helping-not-meddling vibe about them, what with Aranea trying to fix the timeline and Kanaya taking part in all sorts of meddlesome affairs within the troll group. Also WV might be a contender for INFJ, with his rich fantasy world of Can Town.

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    Rock on Black Lagoon
    Alicia on The Good Wife
    Lisa Simpson
    Michael Scofield on Prison Break (INFJ that looks like an INTJ)
    Kyle on South Park
    Molly Hooper on BBC Sherlock
    Johari Nohari
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    I've been watching fringe, and... Olivia Dunham seems like a near-perfect fit.

    The function that she serves in the group - and the FBI as a whole - is very much putting her Ni to the task. She works through things by looking at the information until a pattern comes up, her entire process is... Ni. When she does find it, she'll be stubborn as fuck about it and everything will gain it's meaning from within the pattern. She is very good at assessing the potential in people and figuring out how to get the best out of them, such as maneuvering the relationship between the Bishop's father and son, and yet she's almost as good in determining what perspectives she'd rather not think take or think about (Including others or - more often then not - her own), controlling her own focus and blocking things out of her mind, and suffering quite a bit when attempting to resolve conflicting perspectives she has on people (Such as with John & Walter). On the surface her cold exterior makes her come across as nearly TJish, but she defines herself by her emotional connections and inter-personal meanings, which is generally her main focus and motivation. and her morality tends to be rooted more in those relationships then anything else. She can also be seen in contrast to Bolivia, who is a lot more of an ISTP wearing the same shoes.

    IMO this isn't just an INFJ by the profile, it's an INFJ by someone who knows that mindset very well, perhaps inspired by someone they know in real life, but considering she is kind of the protagonist, I wouldn't be surprised if they are that themselves. In contrast, their portrayal of Ne in dr. Walter or Si in agent Broyles don't come close to their portrayal of the internal process of Ni, in the sense that they depict the external aspects of Ne & Si better then the process, while Ni seems to be depicted from the perspective of an Ni user.
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