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    I thought infp for Homoura too but then I did more research and she is isfp turned intj/istj. Madoka is the true infp.

    For esfp sayaka look at alibaba from magi. Love that guy. He has so much empathy for others when he is given it in the moment.

    Esfp (when mature anyway. Immature esfp likely avoid it and then cause trouble without meaning too) can be idealistic but they will do it at the right time and place not at random moments. They won't randomly blab about it like intuitives do. They have to be thrown into the firepit of disaster so to speak. Sayaka at the time of her idealism was in the moments and when she started becoming an unhealthy esfp.

    In honesty Mami is the confusing one. I agree with enfj. But she can be infj too. She is not very good at predicting events though like infj this is why I say enfj.
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    Madoka - ISFJ
    Homura - INTJ (she's the most confusing.)
    Mami - ENFJ
    Sayaka - ESFP
    Kyoko - ESTP
    Kyubey - ENTP (Though considering it's not human, I don't think it could be properly typed. However if it could, then it would most definitely have Fi in its superego.)
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    Madoka - ISFJ; she doesn't have Fi. She has Fe.

    A case for Madoka being ISFJ, from PerC's thread, on the same thing.
    But like, Madoka consistently defines herself specifically through her relation (Si) to other people (Fe). She doesn't develop an identity of who she is on her own, like Sayaka who is the clearest Fi user, but devotes her energy to thinking about how to be acceptable to others, how to find an agreed place for herself, and in the end is happy and ready to claim a place defined by her service to entire peoples. It's Fe, Fe, Fe. She defines her individual self-hood as part of a greater collection of people. Her ultimate happiness is based on accepting the values of everyone instead of defining her own.

    She's especially an Si dom in the regard that she's so sensitive to how she fits with others, what she can do and contribute, but more so specifically wanting to be someone who fits and contributes and fulfills a duty or service. Her compulsion to see herself as just one part of the group/community/et cetera is far too strong to be tertiary Si like an INFP, and too rooted in the collective to be individualistic Fi.
    Homura - She is an INFP in a Fi-Si loop. This makes her look like an ISTJ, or an INTJ, but its clear that her life revolves around Fi, her obsession with Madoka.
    Homura doesnt really have Se, infact in the first timelines she got dizzy whenever she tried to warm up for exercises. She has Ne, and it manifests when she is finding multiple (in this case every possible way) to solve the problem, in this case, saving Madoka. She also has no Ni. In Episode 10, where Madoka tells her to go back to stop her from contracting, she does what she asks. That's not Ni.

    (from the other forum)
    It was Madoka who begged Homura to change the past so everything is better. Which would mean that Homura doesn't follow her own goals until turning into a semi-witch. In other words, I cannot see any argument for Homura using Ni.
    Her Si's obvious, since shes repeating the same time over and over and over, (approaching) 100 times, according to Word of God. More evidence towards Ne-Si and not Se-Ni.

    (again from the other forum)
    She also seems to be very creative with her short-term planning (stealing weapons from yakuza, using really heavy weaponry and hiding it very well) so higher Ne than Si.

    Mami: ExFJ, I've seen a case for ESFJ in the other forum, but she's almost unanimously typed as an ENFJ.
    Sayaka is the closest to ISFP, not Homura.
    Kyoko is ESFP.
    Kyubey: Some NT type, either INTP or ENTJ due to very low feeling (coming from a being with no emotions in the first place)

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