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    Default Marcia Gay Harden

    Harden is an American film and theater actress, known for her roles in works such as Pollock, Into the Wild, Space Cowboys, Mystic River, Miller's Crossing Meet Joe Black and Flubber (film); and Angels in America and God of Carnage (stage).

    What type is she? For me, she gives off a pretty Fe-dom vibe... I think the word affable is appropriate here.
    Tentative typing: ISFJ 6w5 or 9w1 (Sp/S[?]).

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    enfj.. great actress btw

    This has nothing to do with her specifically, but in the movie "The Mist", I think she's a batshit ENFJ. The cult leader variation.

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    Yeah, she vibes like Kate Winslet, another ENFJ and another great actress.

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