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    Default Child's Play Characters (or other horror villains)

    I recently watched Child's Play II and wondered what types the characters are. The boy, Andy, seems quiet, introspective and inquisitive, like an INFP, although I am not too sure. His older foster sister is more street-smart and outspoken. She's tough but saved Andy numerous times. She seems like she was made tough from her past life, but is generally nice and caring. I think she is an ENFP. Chucky is a sociopathic killer, trapped in a doll's body, so his type may be skewed. But he's very demanding of his environment and the people around him, has poor self-control, doesn't see the big picture, but does plan to capture Andy. He also has a dark sarcastic sense of humor. I think he's an EXXJ.

    What are your thoughts on these characters? Also -- what types are other horror characters, like Freddy or Leprechaun?

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    lol.. The other Child's Play fan in the world. Nice to meet you.

    I like Bride of Chucky myself. Jennifer Tilly must be the hottest 50 year old on the planet.

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