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    Question Robert E. Howard book characters (Conan the Cimmerian etc)

    Conan the Cimmerian


    Bran Mak Morn

    Soloman Kane

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    Solomon Kane, the grim, fanatical, avenging Puritan, is ISTJ.

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    Conan is probably ESTP. And a very unrealistic one at that. He's far more active than ISTP, I think. He kind of just experiences life, gets in and out of a lot of crap, and doesn't have many goals or thoughts on matters. He even becomes a king by his own hand at one point, then gets bored with it, and moves on. He doesn't have much regard for outside pressure or outside law either. He kind of despises his own people, for being gloomy and unadventurous. As for laws, there was a story where he was caught for some petty crime, and only out of sheer amusement, did he let the guards take him before a magistrate... just to see what it was like. Then the magistrate sentenced him, which in turn led to Conan to kill everyone in the courtroom. Then he moved to another town, like it was nothing. Howard kind of based him off of Ubermensch ideals. Someone who truly made their own laws.

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