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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloud of Thunder View Post
    I'm going to modify my initial typing. I think he's an ENFJ.
    I could totally see that. the more I think about it, I see a lot of Fe in him
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    I could see him being 3w4 or 3w2. It's hard telling especially because he's an actor. Just in movies about him I have witnessed a degree of charm (3w2) but mostly professionalism (3w4) I'd think. It's hard to describe why because it's obviously a visceral thing from a place inside that's primal. I've tested both 3w4 and 3w2. I've been wondering which one I am too.
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    Well, in the past, he's spoken about wanting to be a preacher and even being a coach, which he's done many times in his movies. Also, he's done a lot of work with Boys & Girls Club of America. A lot of that smacks of a 2-wing, so maybe he could be 3w2.

    I'm not sure of his stacking, though.

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