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    Yus, i heart her! idea's guesses?


    I am thunking ENFP (poss ENFJ?)
    "We knew he was someone who had a tragic flaw, that's where his greatness came from"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Betty Blue View Post
    I am thunking ENFP (poss ENFJ?)
    Not FJ; she's definitely a Fi user. She talks about how we all must talk about how we personally experience things, that one can't know how someone else feels about a certain matter, one can only know how oneself feels.

    Ace seems like an xSFJ, probably ISFJ.

    She talks about imagery being involved when writing lyrics; not a good differentiator, but probably a Se user.
    I think N is unlikely, at least she's not a N dom - I'm certain. Her lyrics are about concrete situations/relationships and are confrontational. I don't think she's E either, at least from the 5 or 6 interviews I've seen.

    My guess is ISFP.

    She does have the "feel" of a Fi-dom.
    Or maybe INFP, but I think she's a Se user. An ISFP with a developed tertiary.

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