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My opinion: quintessential ESTP. 7w8 Sx/So.
I can't help but second this motion.
David Lee Roth is indeed a wild man, yet has alot going on behind the madness.
I enjoyed how he was able to very candidly respond to any question at any time in a truthful yet not overly egocentric manner.
His propensity to not take himself OR his band's success too seriously is also very ESTP-ish.
We get things done, we do it in style, and we have fun doing it, but we don't lose sight of our place in the mix of it all; we might be the catalyst of the reaction, but there would be no reaction without all the other reagents.

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Note: he made me think about Halla .
LOLZ! Thanks, Bro!
Maybe that's why I'm so out of place in my career as a consultant, I'm trying to turn corporate offices into rock concerts.
I've played guitar since age 10, and sang since 8th grade.
Every year I looked forward to finding a few other musically inclined hooligans to wreak terror at the school talent show.
Then later in life switched over to DJ-ing when there was no more time for a band.
I totally relate to David Lee's comment of "I get paid to sell smiles. Here! Take one for free, it looks great on you! Have another for breakfast!"
To see a crowd of people dancing and smiling and enjoying the hell out of a batch of new tunes being dished out to them is perhaps some of the greatest fun I've ever experienced.
I never get tired of it, and every once in a while get into the spirit of doing it again, just for the grins, just for the smiles, it's great stuff.

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Performer = Type Three.

"Everyone needs attention, encouragement, and the affirmation of their value in order to thrive, and Threes are the type which most exemplifies this universal human need. Threes want success not so much for the things that success will buy (like Sevens), or for the power and feeling of independence that it will bring (like Eights). They want success because they are afraid of disappearing into a chasm of emptiness and worthlessness: without the increased attention and feeling of accomplishment which success usually brings, Threes fear that they are nobody and have no value."
OK, the blue bolded sentence above definitively concludes that I am not an Enneagram 3.
I've never had feelings of "I'm a nobody and I have no value."
Simply not my programming.
I've had an internal locus of control and an overabundance of self-esteem/self-worth for as long as I can remember.

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Agreed, I've always thought he's the quintessential ESTP, and specifically that @Halla74 seems like a wise, David-Lee-Roth-like sage.
I'm totally fine with being thought of as a wise and wild man.
Thanks so much, my friend.

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Enneagram, I'd probably also go for 7w8 sx/so.
Although I'm no Enneagram expert, I think 7w8 sx/so fits him pretty damn well.
I watched the Iggy Pop interview(s) as examples of 7w8 and both have that outward seeking vibe to them, but Iggy was a bit more intense than David Lee, and maybe that's because David Lee is an ESTP?
I can be very intense, but prefer to be really laid back.
David Lee's attitude toward life seems to me what a 7w8 would feel like on any normal, good day.
Iggy Pop comes across as a 7w8 who somehow just got pissed off with someone and is taking care of it.
I'm most definitely a joker, and approach everything I do with a fun yet serious attitude.
So, maybe I've got a streak of David Lee's and Iggy's implementation of 7w8 in me, because despite being a fun-loving soul, I am quite awful when pissed.

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He's a total nutcase, but unique and entertaining. My brother is a massive VH fan so I've been, er, studying him for years
He's definitely a nutcase, and entertaining as hell to watch.
Totally agreed.
Does your brother play guitar, or a different instrument?
Just curious.

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Quintessential? I always thought he was more ESFP. No wonder why you laughed when I made some ESTP typings once. You had a picture of David Lee Roth in your head.
It seems to me like there's a huge bias toward ESFPs always being "Performers" (which is their type's nickname in many texts), and that if someone is a performer then they are not likely an ESTP.
Two of my best friends are ESFPs.

They and I are remarkably alike, but there are also definitive differences.

All of us though are wild, performing S.O.B.s.

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I think ESTPs come off more mentally tough, a little colder, more detached swagger (yeah, this isn't detailed.. maybe I'll write more later).. They still share Se dominance and wouldn't be that different, but that said.. Quintessential to me would be Madonna, Mae West, Vince Vaughn, Donald Trump, even Rossane Barr. Maybe football player Ray Lewis.
Again, it's damn hard to tell from the people I know in real life that are ESFPs.
I can say this however, I'd rather deal with a pissed off ESTP than a pissed off ESFP.
You can reason with the ESTP, they keep their pressure cooker in check (Ti) up until the very moment they wallop you or read you the riot act.
Once an ESFP gets pissed beyond a certain threshold, the horse is out of the gate, and there is going to be a dose of WhoopAss that gets dished out just for the principle of things.
"Colder" and "Detached" as in "T" vs. "F" - yeah, I can see that, but once things get all mixed up, often it is the "T" who comes across as the more cool-tempered personality.
All of this is from my personal observations of course.

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I think he's more personable and playful like other esfps.. Elvis, Tom Jones, Steve Erwin
Again, ESTPs are personable and playful too.
Not the easiest two types to separate ala observable phenomena.
My two ESFP compadres have both been good friends of mine for over 20 years.
They have things in common with each other and not with me.
And then again, we all share several other commonalities.
When all are in the same room though, it's a fucking circus, that is certain.