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Thread: Steve Jobs

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    Based purely on the Michael Fassbender movie (the one Woz praised as being closest in comparison to the real guy), I'd say a deeply egotistical E/INTJ.

    • He's certainly an Extroverted Sensor - he had a strong sense of style and presence, and knew how to captivate attention. However, the trendy diets he would take, and his poor hygiene when he was younger, point to Tertiary/Inferior Se. Certainly an Introverted Intuitive - he'd rather follow his own personal vision then bow to any other possibilities.

    • Introverted Feeling / Extroverted Thinking, for sure - but he skirted responsibility he had no interest in taking on, and would desperately rationalise it away when confronted. He was deeply selfish and only chose to engage people in order to tear them down, treating them either as walls in a corridor, or nails to bash in with a hammer. Very, very mean - had no interest in the people around him liking him. Points to Tertiary/Inferior Fi.

    • Then it's just a case of choosing whether he was an Extrovert or Introvert. I'm inclined to say Introvert, but it could go either way.

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    ENFJ with strong ISTP shadow. He always struck me more as a cultist or sales person than a very deep or practical thinker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craft View Post
    No one else sees clear inferior Fe? He's overly critical about everyone's intentions in an inferior Fe way. He is charismatic (reality-distortion watchamacallit) in an Ni-Se way. He's ideas in his grad-speech were also very Ni-centric. He also never invented(Ne) anything himself.


    Watch the entire interactions between them.
    This makes the most sense of any theory. sx/sp e56 istp?

    thinking of you

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    my vibe has always been enfj 3w4 sx/so.

    my favorite steve jobs line was "keeper and protector of the vision." seems to be experience-driven, marketing/genius, brand-connecting first and foremost.

    i don't see an e5. we tend to get lost in the details and aren't as good at that through-line, at that quality of focus for impact. apple has been so successful at creating a feel for people and an identity around their work. istp focus is more based on expedience. apple constantly tries to be revolutionary, ratcheting up scale of the idea rather than sheer production/sales. to me, there seems to be a different focus on legacy there.

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