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    Default Modern family and the enneagram.

    I've been watching this series that my family loves and that it is still funny. Apparently, it has been very successful thanks to the variety of characters. I noticed that the personality of each is a perfect stereotype of the Enneagram and I wonder if you think the same:

    -Claire Dunphy: 1 (The Perfectionist)
    -Cameron "Cam" Tucker: 2 (The Altruistic)
    -Mitchell Pritchett: 3 (The Performer)
    -Manny Delgado: 4 (The Romantic)
    -Alex Dunphy: 5 (The Observer)
    -Gloria Pritchett-Delgado: 6 (The Skeptical)
    -Haley Dunphy: 7 (The Epicurean)
    -Jay Pritchett: 8 (The head)
    -Phil Dunphy: 9 (The mediator)

    Luke gets out of this list but I think he might be 9 like her father.
    You can also search their MBTI characters if you want, but I think in this case really interesting is the Enneagram.
    ~Lex dura, sed lex~

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    I totally agree with your assessments of the Dunphy family! And I almost never agree with people's assessments. LOL! You rock! :-)

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    Claire - 1. She hates when things go wrong and can be very compulsive.
    Phil - 9. He's sort of emotional and deeply caring, avoids conflict.
    Haley - 7 or 2. She's certainly spontaneous and the life of the party at times, but loves being loved and cared after.
    Alex - 5. She is intelligent, a hard worker, always strives to be the best in lacrosse, cello, school from what I've seen.
    Luke - 7? 8?? He's curious, happy-go-lucky, and a rule breaker.

    All the rest I agree with completely. Awesome


    Claire - ISxJ, leaning towards ISTJ.
    Phil - ENFP
    Haley - ESFP, as she matures she's becoming an ESFJ
    Alex - INTx
    Luke - ISTP as a kid, ESTP as a teenager

    Mitch - ESTJ.....?
    Cam - ESFJ
    Lily - she's a little kid, so it's pretty hard to tell.

    Jay - INTJ
    Gloria - ENFJ
    Manny - INFx

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