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    Default new show Terra Nova? some guesses?

    anyone up for typing the characters only two shows have aired but i think we can come up with some ideas

    i'm especially curious about the character elisabeth

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    These are just faint guesses don't take my word for it

    Jim - ESTP
    Elisabeth - INFJ
    Maddy - ENTP
    Commander Taylor - ESTx

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    I watched the first 30 minutes and couldn't believe the man who was supposedly an ex-police would a. use the fact that he was an ex-police to try devaluing their suspicions and b. try to put up a fight when it was clear doing so would only prolong his sentence and the rest of the inevitable.

    I'm not sure if I should keep watching only to be completely bewildered.

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    I sat through the first two hours and about 20 minutes tonight... and then I wandered away to do email.

    It's just sooooo BORING! I can't believe I am saying that about a show that has dinosaurs and time travel.

    Maybe Lost really has ruined me for all else....

    I agree that the main guy is an ESTP, and I can see INFJ for the chick... other than that I have more interest in trying to type the pteradactyls.

    /is sad panda.

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