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    I used to argue that Ayn Rand was INTJ but upon further reflection I realize those who say she was ENTJ are absolutely correct.

    It explains her obsession with externally measurable systems of logic and her denial that even art is about subjective preference and experience. It would also explain her blindness to her own subjectivity, because her Fi would be rejected and subconscious. Se would be tertiary rather than inferior, explaining her childlike fixation on art and architecture, and the fact she was comfortable enough with nudity and sexual desire to start one of her novels with a detailed verbal depiction of a beautiful nude man, and going on about all of those sexy hard working men. Se was not rejected, in fact Te and Se were revered above all.

    I also think if she were an INTJ Ni dom she would have had a better grasp on fluidity of underlying concepts rather than always harping on Te/Se supposed "objectivity."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kephalos View Post
    I have to confess that the list of prominent libertarians that has emerged so far is not very appealing. This is a list I myself find more appealing, although they reveal my preferences, almost all of them free market type intellectuals:

    -- F.A. von Hayek
    -- Ludwig von Mises
    -- Robert Lucas (?)
    -- Thomas Sowell
    -- Murray Rothbard
    -- Milton Friedman
    -- Bryan Caplan
    -- Steve Horwitz
    -- Henry Hazlitt
    -- Peter Boettke
    -- Anthony de Jasay
    -- Frank Knight
    Thomas Sowell is an INTJ.
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