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    Quote Originally Posted by Speed Gavroche View Post
    Hitler (Nazis): ENFJ 6w5 Sx/So
    Julius Caesar (Rome): ENTP 7w8 So/Sp
    Leonidas (Sparta): ISTP 8w7 So/Sx
    Alexander the Great (Macedonia): ENTP 7w8 Sx/So (or maybe So/Sx)
    Sadam Hussein (Iraq): ESTJ 8w7 So/Sx
    Joseph Stalin (Russia): ENTJ 8w7 So/Sp
    Elizabeth I (England): INTJ 1w9 So/Sp
    Robert E Lee (America): ISFJ 1w9 So/Sx
    Ulysses S. Grant (America): ISFP 9w8 So/Sx
    Machiavelli (Italy): INTJ 8w7 Sp/So
    Attila the Hun (China): ENTJ ESTP 8w7 Sx/So
    Napoleon (Corse): INTJ 8w7 Sp/So
    Nero (Roma): ENFP 3w2 Sx/So
    Commode(Roma): ENFP 6w7 Sx/So
    Mussolini (Italy): ENFP 8w7 So/Sx
    Joan of Arc (France): ESFJ 6w7 Sx/So
    Rommel (Germany): ISTP 3w4 Sp/So

    American presidents
    FDR: ENTJ 8w7 So/Sp (Lost Generation)
    Harry Truman: ISTJ 6w5 So/Sp (Lost Generation)
    Ike Eisenhower: INTJ 9w8 Sp/So (Lost Generation)
    JFK: ESTP 7w8 So/Sp (Greatest Generation)
    Lyndon Johnson: ESTJ 8w9 Sp/So (Greatest Generation)
    Richard Nixon: ESTJ 6w5 Sp/So (Greatest Generation)
    Gerald Ford: INTP 9w8 Sp/So (Greatest Generation)
    Jimmy Carter: INFJ 3w4 So/Sp (Greatest Generation)
    Ronald Reagan: ENFJ 9w8 So/Sx (Greatest Generation)
    George Bush Sr: ISFJ 6w5 Sp/So (Greatest Generation)
    Bill Clinton: ESFP 3w2 So/Sx (BOOM Generation)
    George W Bush Jr: ESTP 9w8 So/Sp (BOOM Generation)
    Barack Obama: ENFP 3w4 So/Sp (Generation X)

    French presidents
    Charles de Gaulle: ENFJ 8w7 So/Sx
    Georges Pompidou: ESTJ 8w7 Sp/So
    Valery Giscard d'Estaing: ENFJ 1w9 So/Sx
    François Mitterand: ENFJ 8w7 So/Sx
    Jacques Chirac: ESTP 7w8 Sp/So
    Nicolas Sarkosy: ESTP 8w7 So/Sx
    I'm pretty sure Nixon was an INTJ and George Bush Sr. was an ISTJ.

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    Robert E. Lee was definitely an intuitive instead of a sensor. The Battle of Chancellorsville was a prime example of Sensor (Hooker/Union) vs Intuitive (Lee/Confederacy) warfare; Joseph Hooker, the Union general, wanted to gather as much intelligence on the enemy as possible so that he could see what actions the Confederates would make, and he even had two hot air balloons to survey Lee's entire army. Lee knew absolutely nothing about his enemy except for their numbers, which were double his. Hooker had also managed to, unbelievably, use his spies in the Confederate army to re-position an entire army behind the Confederate army without the Confederates knowing until the other army was already there. Hooker thought that Lee's only sane option would be to retreat to Richmond. Lee, however, picked up on Hooker's plans when he saw the army positioned behind him. Lee decided to actually march forward and meet Hooker's main army. Hooker was distraught, because he couldn't figure out why one of the best generals to ever live would meet him in open battle with half as many men, but he soon figured out why Lee had done this. Several Confederate deserters were captured by Hooker, and the deserters told him that James Longstreet, another confederate general, was coming to Lee's aid with a huge number of men to back Lee up (and this was a complete lie and part of Lee's ingenuity). Hooker remained adamant, seeing that Lee was still in a weakened position (he couldn't decide whether Longstreet was actually coming or not). Lee then ordered several of his men along with Stonewall Jackson to go around and flank Hooker's army at what was considered the strongest point in Hooker's army. At around sunset, when Hooker's men had laid down all of their rifles into giant piles and were eating supper, Stonewall charged with his men and brutally slaughtered Hooker's strongest point. The utter massacre that had taken place routed all of Hooker's army and was considered the worst Union defeat in the Civil War.

    Robert E. Lee, I personally think, was an Ni-user, which would explain how he instinctively knew what Hooker was playing at when he moved the second army behind Lee. He then acted on those predictions with absolutely no intelligence other than the estimated numbers of the enemy because he "knew" what Hooker would do. I could be wrong, but I think Lee was either an INTJ or an ENTJ.

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