I don't think there's any way Muriel has a judging side. She's always open to going new places and understanding other people's views of life. She's also very cultural - playing her instrument and travelling all the way to I forget where for some ingredient.

And I don't think she's introverted. She may live away from many but whenever someone comes a long, she's quick to welcome them and got upset with Eustess when she thought she was scaring away a new neighbor? There are such people who are extroverted but prefer to stay at home - my ex was that way, but was typed as an ENFJ. Eustess clearly would be in comparison because he never welcomes any guests and prefers to keep to himself whether there are people around or not. So far, I think that would make her EXXP.

She's definitely sensitive to other people's feelings and tries to help them through their problems. EXFP.

So if what I said holds any credibility, she'd either be an ENFP or an ESFP. I'm not so good at telling the difference between N and S, but reading the ENFP description, she sounds a lot more like one of them to me. : /

As far as Eustess goes, I agree with everything except him being a perceiver. His judgment is very fixed and perceivers are known as free-spirited. This would also make them complete opposite personalities and you can see from watching that this is very true of them.