Since the old one went missing i'm reposting this topic.
Post your thoughts of any fire emblem character from any game

My bit

Sothe (Radiance and RD) INT * Maybe F? J - RD gives away a huge possibilty for an F factor. His story in RD is actually rather ..... hmm, can't seem to think of a good word.

Micaiah - ENFJ

Erk - INTJ (FE 7 I believe)

Eliwood - ENTJ? Unsure, but this is my best guess

Soren - INTJ

Ike - ESTJ

Elincia - ENFJ

Volke - INTP or ISTP - Loner, flexible schedule assassin for hire.

Shinon - ISTJ

Mist - INFP? Unsure

Rolf - ISFP? Unsure

Black Knight - EXXX No real idea, Not going to spoil his real identity through.