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Thread: Wu-Tang Clan

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    Default Wu-Tang Clan

    I think it might be hard to make very accurate guesses, but I'm going to try.

    Ghostface: Some kind of Ni dominate. Not sure if it would be INTJ or INFJ. I think maybe INFJ because they are famous for symbolism and Ghostface is so abstract. Then again, Ni doesn't neccesarily have a monopoly on symbolism and abstract.

    Ol' Dirty Bastard: ESFP, ESTP, or possibly ENTP

    RZA: ENTJ, the ruthless leader. He promised the Clan they would be the biggest hip hop group on earth within five years and succeeded. The other clansmen often criticize him for being authoritarian.

    GZA: ??

    Reakwon: ??

    Inspectah Deck: INTP ("He'll sit back and watch you, play yourself, know you're lying, then take you to court after that")

    Method Man: ??

    U-God: NTJ? ("psychopathic thinker :P)

    Master Killah: ??

    Feel free to do any other hip-hop performers.

    Chuck D: INFJ

    Talib Kweli: INFJ?

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    I think GZA is an probably ENTP. Definitely a thinker, being more concerned with the technical aspects of rapping than the content or message of the song. He's always playing with words and flipping phrases around in clever ways (Ne), and coming up with creative concepts.

    I dunno about the others though.

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    RZA is INTJ. Read the book 'The Wu-Tang Manual' written by him.

    Also, Quentin Tarnatino is someone who always comes to mind when someone mentions ENTJ. In interviews he's really hyper and kind of stumbles over his speech because he's so excited. Definitely a thinker and definitely a natural leader with a vision.

    RZA is too, but when you see him in interviews he's much more laid back, hence the I.

    How's that for a first post?

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    whoa i forgot i wrote that. looking back i dont see gza as ne-dom. or maybe he is an entp, and just a really mature one or something. i dunno....

    method man - xSTP.


    aesop rock - intp

    sage francis - ENfP

    canibus - intj

    slug - infp

    el-p - entp

    jay-z - entj?

    black thought - istp

    cage kennylz - INFJ or a demented ISTP. He's somewhat legitimately crazy, or at least was, so a bit hard to type, right right?

    generally though i think a lot of popular rappers would be largely SPs but of course it's always hard to type rappers since a lot of them put on a persona.

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