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Thread: The Good Wife

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    Default The Good Wife

    I looked for a thread on this and couldn't find one. I can't think why; its a brilliant show and is probably my favourite one right now. Fingers crossed they don't screw it up in the 3rd season.

    Anyway, its a show that has strong, distinct characterisation, and a fascinating variety of characters, even within the smaller parts - so it will be interesting to discuss them:

    Alicia - INFJ
    Will - ENTP
    Diane - EXFJ
    Peter - ENTJ
    Kalinda - INTP
    Cary - ISTP
    Eli - ESTP
    Grace - ISFJ
    Zach - XSTP

    Jackie Florrick - ISTJ
    Owen - ENFP
    Glenn Childs - ISTJ
    Wendy Scott-Carr - ISFP
    Becca - EXTX
    Blake Calamar - ISTP
    Derrick Bond - ISFJ
    Andrew Wiley - ESFJ
    Louis Canning - EXTP
    Natalie Flores - ESFJ
    INFP 4w5 so/sp

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    Not sure if bumping is ok (but why make a new thread?)

    Alicia: INFJ
    Peter: ENTJ
    Grace: INFP (maybe ISFP)
    Zach: ISTP

    Diane: ENTJ (with well-developed inferior Fi)
    Will: ENTP
    Kalinda: ISTP (with good tertiary Ni, and poor inferior Fe, INTP is also possiblity)
    Cary: ESTP

    Kurt McVeigh: ISTJ or ISTP
    Jackie: ISFJ (Maybe ESFJ?)
    Eli: ExTJ
    Lemound Bishop: ENTJ (very stereotypical one)
    Louis Canning ENTP

    Can't be bothered typing all of them, but quite a few of the various ADAs are ISTJ

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    I love this show. But why on earth do y'all think Alicia is INFJ? It seems incredible to me that she would be a feeler.
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    I see a lot of Feeling in her, both in terms of internal feeling, and a connection to others. She also is among the more 'human' than many of the lawyers on the show, and is good at using her emotional connection with her clients in the pursuit of the case. A lot of her astuteness seems to be Ni over Ti. More simply, it seems like many of the characteristics of INFJs seem congruent with her.

    How much of the show have you watched. Will be a little bit cryptic as don't want to give a major spoiler; did you see her reaction to an 'unforeseen event' that was a sudden plot-twist. She reacted in a very INFJ manner.

    Of all the fictional characters I've attempted to type, she is certainly one of the trickiest, and I think a good case could be made for quite a few other types, so would be interested in hearing what type others think.

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    i was very new to typology when I last posted my typings of the characters, and with the new season, I think this thread deserves a bump. I'm fairly confident in my MBTI types, but my Enneatypes may be a bit tentative

    Alicia Florrick: INFJ 612
    Alicia superficially resembles an ISxJ, her very internal cognitive dissonances, paradoxes, and intuition for reading into people seems consistent with Ni. Ni is hard to really put into words, you just pretty much know it when you see it, and the Ni-Ti, and Ni-Fe apparatuses are quite distinctive in her. As far as enneagram goes, she's got a complex interplay between 6 and 1. Instinctual stack is quite tricky, but would guess so/sp

    Peter Florrick ESTP 837
    I've always seen him as the inverse of Alicia. I could see why some may type him as ENTJ, but I disagree that he is Intuitive, especially when you see him with Eli (ENTJ). I think what may appear as Te is actually Se. He seems like he lives in the moment rather than a larger plan.

    Eli Gold ENTJ 87x
    Eli captures the essence of the ENTJ type better than almost all others on TV. He is clearly Te incarnate, understanding how to manipulate and shape their environment, knowing the effect of actions, and how to act to achieve an end. Ni is often described as "synthesizing seeming paradoxes to create the previously unimagined", and this is quite fitting for Eli's Ni. He intuitively synthesizes paradoxes/contradictions to work out the ulterior motives of others. Unlike ESTJ Si, he is maverick, and doesn't seek a tried and true formula, he will do anything it takes, any means necessary. His Se is evident in communication, both in being highly animated and aggressive in the moment, and his business charm. He takes in the concrete facts of the moment. Lastly, his Fi is very repressed, but there are a few episodes where we see it.

    Zach Florrick INTP 5w6 sp/sx
    Always seen him as INTP, Ne apparatus can be seen in the earlier episodes where he does DIY investigation. Think probably 5w6

    Grace Florrick INFP 497 sx/so
    She definitely seemed like an INFP when she was a kid and the focus was on the Fi-Ne 'finding herself', e.g the religion etc.
    Now in the latest season her character has changed a lot, and is far more adult and the focus is on Ne-Te. So perhaps eNFP in this season.

    Lewis Canning ENTP
    I love episodes with him, Michael J Fox plays the perfect rat bag. Very skilled at using the Ne-Fe apparatus to hustle. Has a Ti justification of his cynical actions.

    Jason Crouse ESTP
    Only been on the show for a few episodes, but so far, can see a Se-Ne apparatus.

    Lucca Quinn ISxJ
    Been a new character, don't have a lot to go with, but seems Si dom

    Kalinda Sharma ISTP 5w6 sx/sp
    Diane Lockhart ENTJ
    Will Gardner ENTP 873
    Cary Argos ESTP 386
    David Lee ESTJ 86?
    Derrick Bond ExTJ
    Jonas Stern ENTP

    Glenn Childs ENTJ
    Matan Brody eSTJ
    Patti Nyholm ExTJ

    Lana Delany ISFJ
    Frank Landau ENTJ
    Robyn Burdine ENFP
    Veronica Loy (Alicias Mum) ENFP
    Marissa Gold ENTJ?
    Lamound Bishop ENTJ
    Colin Sweeney ENTP
    Johari Nohari
    5 cp6 9w1 4w5 sx/sp | RLUAI | INTP ILI-Ni

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