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    I always thought he was an Fi > Te type. Which one, I don't know.

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    Default damn samsung auto-fuc* - times 2...

    Quote Originally Posted by Speed Gavroche View Post
    I ask the question because I've always seen him typed as an ESTP, and so, I thought he was. But I've also seen him typed as INTJ a few times, I've read a part of his biography, and what I read did'nt resonate ESTP at all. He is and has always been a reclusive, a loner, withdrawing, very shy and awkward at the point that even as an adult he has difficulties to watch people in face. He seems very independant and introspective, work carefully on his long-term project and is a perfectionist. He hardly tolerate when things don't go in his own way and is a control freak. Plus, he was relatively sober, and an hard-worker. Use your illusion is a typycal Ni monster. ESTP seems to be more his on stage personality, I could see an ESTP act like this if he has shyness, paranoia and some others neurotic issues, I could also see an ESTP be like this if he's submit to a an oppressive inferior Ni and become severly paranoid. But it's just a possiblity. Billy Idol and Nikki Sixx are ESTP for sure, Axl Rose, not sure. INTJ could fit better, tons of things he did was so anti-rock'n roll, he is the anti-Elvis to me in some sort (Elvis was ESFP). Some interviews:
    I am myself tested with an quite unusual result, by my big corporation here in Sweden.
    I "turned out" - INFJ (they said it was unusual now i know how) but with 1% overlap on the I, and i am therefore an I/E clone.
    But most who dont know me (and most dont, even though i am extrovert, half of the time, and have many "friends") certainly think i am a ESTP.
    Those who know me well and are (close friends) "thinkers", or pure Thugs with great/big "heart"s - think i am "mysterious, strange, thoughtful" underneat it all, and quite capable of achieving an idea turn out in action, even if it may take a long time or not.
    From time to time i am equal impulsive, versus the opposite...

    I have very strong ideals and my homemade set of morality.
    Few rules, which i can be hard on. On my own part, or others.
    Respect is important.

    And i am (or was) quite an perfectionist.
    I have worked with that.
    Almost OCD-like.

    And i am, in "extrovert-mode" a very unruly rebel who is alot of fun or, irresponsible. Depends on which occular you use to analyze.

    I have taken the MB-test 4 times all turned out 1-3% I vs E, and one time 16% E over I

    --- Concerning AXL

    I have almost always (im 39 in 2016) been very curious about that mysterious fella.
    Been reading bio and some other stuff, and tought - "either he and me would likely be best of friends or kill eachother" - thats likely. One of those.

    I like "strong-willed" persons! (even if we dont necessarilly agree i can respect that)
    And think he sound like a carbon copy of me.
    (another person who know me so-so but have heard much about me from a very close friend, tought we seemed like quite similar personalities by her, when he - and strange me - came "on topic" on a party with GNR music)
    I dont have very much knowledge about the deeper levels of the MB and psychology theory and practice behind all of it, and i dont know Axl in person, but... Considering my "Obi-Wan" INFJ....

    Whats YOUR take on that theory?
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    (I most certainly am a very caring person, but i feel like Anakin Skywalker in part 3, before "turning" - most of the time... Thats where i think "environment" makes a part of someones personality)
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