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    Default WWE Wrestler Types?

    Anyone watched pro wrestling? What types would you give the WWF or WCW wrestlers?

    My guess:

    Stone Cold: ISTP
    The Rock: ESTP
    Hulk Hogan: ESFJ
    Undertaker: ISTP
    Bret Hart: ENTP
    Shawn Michaels: ENFP
    Triple H: ESTP
    Vince McMahon: ESTJ
    Mick Foley: INFP
    Kurt Angle: ISFJ
    John Cena: ENFP

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    The people themselves or the character they play? The latter would be absurd, since it is about role, not preference... And since the wrestlers become invisible because of these outrageous characters...
    Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas

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